message for dreamcatcher

Hi dreamcatcher I have just finished all my chemo I also had a masectomy in January I dont have to have any radiation as they said I was border line whatever that means. My oncoogist was quite happy for me not to have it so I was quite happy as IT is a long journey every-day for a month.Anyway I got my letter yesterday to go for my bone scan on the 23rd dont worry its just in case your bones start thinning while you are on treatment it says it all on the lettter it only takes 15 minutes they do also tell you its just a precaution so dont worry. I started to worry when I knew I was going for this as I got a letter 2 weeks ago saying I would receive an appointment for a bone scan. I started to think god do they think it has gone to my bones but after receiving my appointment yesterday I now know I dont have to worry. I feel so well now my hair is also coming back great it did come back grey so I got the nice and easy out and did it 2 weeks ago the lightest blonde it looks great. Ifeel my old self again I am hopeing to start a new job in 2 weeks I cant wait just to feel normal again So there in light at the end of the tunnel Anyway you take care Love Linda xx PS anything you want to ask then please do

Hi Linbob thanks for your reply. my lump is a bony growth on my 2nd from top rib, the doc doesnt think its sinister, but wants me to have a bone scan to check. It was a huge relief that it wasnt one of those lumps, but I suppose I am still a bit worried.

Love Danni xxxxxx