message for dwrig128

message for dwrig128

message for dwrig128 hi david im just writing to wish you all the best for your new venture on raising awareness for mens breast cancer,i have just read your story in the asda magazine, i am a regular on this site and i have read your threads. i have had a mascectomy 5 weeks ago and recovering well and im currently on chemo, my second next week which hasnt been too bad then 4 more to go then rads, its a long haul but ill get there you did and look at you now your an inspiration to all men and women going through this. keep up the good work and keep in touch xxx suzee

Suzee Thanks for your message - my threads are not always received with the best intention - I say what I feel most of it is tounge in cheek though.
You are just starting out on this Cancer journey - I remember it so well - all the Chemo, all the Radio, then the tablets - you think it will never come to an end - but it does - Suzee just be positive - I think that is the best way to get through it all - one day at a time - when you feel crap - chill out, do nothing - when you feel good - catch up with things - thats what I did anyway.

Glad you saw the ASDA feature - raising awareness is not a new venture though - I have been banging on about Men with Breast Cancer for a year or two. Just wish the media would stop using the Male Breast Cancer wording - there is no difference in Women or Men with BC its just Breast Cancer.

Thanks again Suzee - good luck with all you have in front of you - speak again soon.


Good luck Suzee Good luck Suzee with your treatment. As David said stay positive.
I found it was good to have something to focus on every week, in my case MartialArts. I continued doing it throughout my chemo etc and it kept me active. I’m not saying you have to do something like that but try and do something you enjoy every week if you are well enough.
I’m now up to my 6th lot of Herceptin and all going well and am having my year check up next week.

Be strong.


Well done David Well done David on raising awareness of Breast Cancer in Men.
I will get a copy of the Asda magazine and have a read.
I too have trying to do my bit as you may know through my fight to get Herceptin earlier this year.
The other day I was asked to appear on a new show for ITV called Vanessa’s Real Lives and talk about Breast Cancer in Men and my story.
Myself and my wife went to London and got to the studio’s about 1.45pm.
We were shown to a waiting room and there were other people there too. Three men who were now living there lives as women! A woman with no legs, another woman with one leg and a guy who had liposuction. I was told they would all appear on the same programme because it was on body change.
We were also told there would be a couple of other people on, a woman who was born a boy but had the op at 17 and another guy who didn’t like his man boobs so he had then removed.
Not what we expected but I didn’t mind.
After three hours of waiting around in different rooms we finally went to the studio and began recording.
Basically to cut a long story short they went to every other person and covered their story and took questions comments from the audience but ran out of time and therefore didn’t get to me!
I was fuming afterwards and had a go at the production assistants and told them I had wasted a day off work.
The next day I e-mailed the Assistant producer saying i felt they had trivialised the fact that Men get Breast Cancer too by leaving my story till last and then not even including it.
I said it looked as though my story did not have enough shock factor for them!
I got a grovelling apology back basically saying as it was a new show things overan and they had every intention of covering my story but things changed on the day.
Anyway I’ve told them that I want compensation for taking a day off work and wasting my wife’s time too plus expenses.
At least it was an experience!
All the best and maybe we’ll get to meet sometime.

Stuart W.

thanx stuart! thanx stuart for your support i see your having herceptin im on chemo till november then rads then i will be going on herceptin for a year, have you been ok on herceptin? are they any side effects? its a long road but people like you keep my spirits up and keep me positive. take care and keep in touch xxx suzee

Stuart Hi Stuart - funny you should mention the Vanessa show - I got a call from BCC regarding being on the show - I was going on holiday the next day so left it with them till I got back - that was this last weekend.
Sorry to hear you were not given a look in - glad I missed it - I think there should be a show about us all - let all the guys who use this site get on a show - give them our different views.
When I appeared on our local BBC news program - I mentioned this they thought it a good idea - but I have not heard anything.

The ASDA feature was seen by another local newspaper reporter with the Telegraph and Argus - a Bradford paper - they are running a story about me and my journey so far.

Stuart it would be nice to meet up and have a chat sometime - Brian and I are in the London Fashion show in October - maybe you could come down to London and we could meet up then.
Tuesday 5th Wednesday 6th (showtime) home Thursday 7th October.

cheers David W

So far so good! I had flu like symptoms after the first lot of Herceptin but went to bed early and slept it off, was fine next morning. Have had no side effects after the others. Have got number 6 tomorrow so off, then work Thursday and then off up to Fort William to climb Ben Nevis for Breast Cancer Care on Saturday!
Onwards and Upwards!

David I will look at dates and see If I can get up there or not?
Sounds like good fun!
Kind regards,


Adding my congrats David well done. I haven’t read the article yet - the nearest ASDA to me is 20 miles away - but I’ll see if I can get one this weekend.

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while - I’ve been working in Germany.

Stuart - I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the TV’s approach and I’m sure I should not say what I think the line up was all about. I agree with David, if we get the opportunity to meet up - we should, and it would be great to get the opportunity to put a united front on TV.

All the best to you all


Just wanted to say to David I had read the article in the Asda Mag also, well done.
For both sexes the diagnosis of this disease is devastating and as a younger woman (31 when diagnosed) I have felt isololation as none of my peers have gone through the same experience, and I can imagine as a man being diagnosed with BC the feelings must be similar if not worse. When I read the stats of women in their thirties diagnosed each year it is relatively low in comparison to older woman and with men being diagnosed it is even less. So I think it is absolutely brilliant that you are raising awareness. As a younger women who was diagnosed with BC last year, it still annoys me with I read that breast cancer in young women is rare, I feel like screaming "well it has happened to me !!!) so I can imagine as a man also the same feelings must apply.
Well take care,

i am 30 and have breast cancer hi im paul i found out i had breast cancer in april o5 two days after i found out my wife of 6 months was pregnant with our first child…

I have had chemo, radio and am having herception at the moment as im her2.

Im worrying about my furture any positive comments would be great… im now a dad to a lovely boy who is 9 months old…

im a pilot so have had to stop flying until the herception has finished…