Message for Galen & Princess18 - Bone scan

Hi Galen & Princess 18

Just to update, have finally received my bone scan results and thank god it is all clear, so rib aches are just par for the course!

Good luck and thinking of you


Fantastic News !!! i am so pleased for you , thank you for letting us know, i have been thinking about you and kelly, i am going for my scan at 4pm today so i will let you know when i get my results, How long did you have to wait for results?
well done
love galen x

Thanks - here’s to the summer! Good luck with your scan, I had mine last Tuesday (8th) and phoned for the results as I couldn’t wait any longer and got them yesterday (Wed) so about a week. I know hospitals are different as some like to tell you when you see the consultant, but I kept on phoning them!

Hope all is well

M x

ps rude question, but how old are you? I am 34 and interested as you seem to have the same regime as me. When I was diagnosed, I thought I was weird as everyone else had surgery first.

Hi ladies,

Catflap - congrats on your news, I’m so pleased your results were good. Thanks so much for thinking of us and the good wishes. Will be sure to let you know how I get on.

Galen - I really hope you got on ok today an will get your results v.soon. Keeping everything crossed for you.

I am not even seeing my onc 'til nxt thurs, this is gonna be the longest week ever!! Then goodness knows how long I will have to wait for scans and results. To be honest I am expecting the worst, just got a feeling about this.

Anyway, take care and keep in touch,


Hello Ladies
I finished chemo in jan, rads in april (grade 3 er+ pr+ HER-, 1.8mm no nodes) I’m now on zoladex and femara (was allergic to tamoxifen) .
I’ve had a pain in my ribs on the right side (right breast tumour) for a couple of months that was worrying me sick. Sometimes it was the back ribs sometimes at the front - and when pressed they felt really sore. I saw my onc again and she said that she was certain it was nothing to worry about but wanted to put my mind at rest.
I’ve just had a bone scan and liver ultrasound and they were both fine. The relief is enormous - but I still don’t know what was causing the pain! I’m waiting to see if it stops hurting now I’ve had scans!
I really hope you get good news - maybe it’s residual problems from rads or node removal - please don’t assume the worst.
Best wishes xx


I know what you mean about the longest week ever, but I tried to put it to the back of my mind and thought “well if it is going to be bad news then I may aswell enjoy this week and do lots of nice things” I know its easier said than done! Not sure if you have had a bone scan before but I had a giggle on the day as at my hospital (Colchester) they have two loos, one for us radioactive lot and a normal one, I kept thinking that I was glowing in the dark!

Take care and keep on smiling


ps Misty, I think that there is definitely a recurring theme with painful ribs but it doesn’t seem to be listed on the side-effects

hi catflap
still no results from my bone scan but i suppose its still early days, my chest xray was ok and my mammogram ok , so lets keep fingers crossed , i am 38 my birthday was this friday , i was 36 when diagnosed it was just before my 37th birthday, hope you are ok , will keep you posted
take care
love galen xx