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prob could’ve pm’d this but haven’t really got to grips with it all! Anwyay, I just wanted to wish you well for your first day 1 CMF tomorrow. I had a really good time on the Epi, largely due to the Neulasta I was having I think, and so was personally quite worried about switching to CMF. I was used to the Epi and knew how it would make me feel so was shi**ing myself about how the 3 different dugs in the CMF would affect me.

Anyway, I have found the CMF to be even more tolerable than the Epi. I have much more energy and virtually no nausea. Like you I was worried that I may not be fully recovered for my day 8 dose but thankfully this has not been the case at all! The day 8 is exactly the same as the day 1 drug wise. Having had accelerated epi every 2 weeks I am loving the 3 week break between each treatment. The only probs I have had with the CMF is occassional tummy upset, but they give me meds for that and it seems to clear up pretty quickly.

The CMF goes through much quicker than the Epi and they can use a million different veins for it which is good. One of the drugs can make you feel a little lightheaded when it is being given and if this is the case I just shut my eyes and lie back. The feeling goes as quickly as it comes and is not altogether unpleasant!

Take care and let me know how you get on. I’ll be thinking of you,


Hope all went well with your first CMF today,


Thank you very much. Yes it went well even though i cried when she came over because i was so worried about my veins. She said you’d be suprised where we can put it! They were lovely and eventually they did it in my other arm where i had my op but as i had had no problems they said this would be fine. I had no pain at all. I was waiting for a woozy feeling and was sucking boiled sweets as recommended but noticed no side effects. I have been moved furniture and cleaning my daughters bedroom all morning so thats a good sign! Thank you for your help and advice, it means a lot and has helped enormously to calm me down.

Big Hug
Gaynor x x

Hi Gaynor,

I am sooooo pleased it went ok for you. Its much better than epi isn’t it?! Yeah, you’ll defo be amazed at where they can put the CMF. I’ve had cannulas put in veins I never knew existed!!! I often have my treatments in my affected side and the staff on my unit say that for various reasons it has no bearing on whether someone develops lymphoedema or not. I just let them do what they gotta do to be honest!

Its great that you noticed no side effects. I cried when I had my first CMF but only cause I was scared and I am a weeping willow after all!!

I hope you continue to feel well, may your side effects be almost non-existent!

Take care,