Message for Heidicat

Hi how are you doing, did your check up go well? Im improving, feeling better each day, and still taking the antibiotics. The inflamation has gone down, but I still feel quite swollen, especially at the top.

Mine gets very tight as the day goes on and by the evening I feel as though I have an iron band right across it, have you experienced similar or is it just me?

I am sleeping much better than I was before which is good, and I go back Thursday for a check up.

Hope you and your mum are going along well.

Let me know how your doing

Love Lilymay x

Hi Lilymay, I am doing fine now. The sister was happy with my stitches etc at the check up. I go back to see the surgeon on 26th Oct, but first I have to have a mammogram on the other side! a bit nerve wracking…
I get tired easily, but apart from that I feel ok. It is still a bit uncomfortable sleeping on that side though.
Will talk more tomorrow. Just off out to supermarket.
Heidicat x

Hi glad your going along ok. I had a mammogram on other side as precaution in July and have the next one in January, I have to have them every six months for a while. I know its a bit scary but its better to be safe than sorry.

I saw the consultant yesterday, who agrees that mine is still sitting very high, it may even be too big, but there is still some redness around the bottom part and underneath and they have put me on a further course of antibiotics as a precaution. I have to see him again in 5 weeks to see how its settling, but it looks as though I might have to have it tweaked (whatever that means).

Im trying to get back to normal, go for walks everyday and am doing as much housework as I can. Do some ironing every day (not my hubbies strongest point).

I am finding its still very sore and I get different types of pain shooting through different areas, I also feel like its trying to push into my armpit. However, it still a waiting game and I guess I got to live with it for a while longer. It seems never ending to me.

Take care of yourself.


Sorry to hear you are not yet happy with the re con, but I expect there is still some settling down to take place yet. Some of it will be swelling I am sure.
I was full of good intentions to start walking every day, and we are very lucky to live right next to fields, leading to a country park so I have no excuse, but I seem to have been busy trying to keep the house tidy (and failing) and then I feel too tired to walk. You have inspired me. I will go out this afternoon.
Hope things continue to improve for you, I will let you know how I get on with mammogram and consultant.
Take care Heidicat