It was lovely to see youre message…thank you for asking, I did have a wonderful holiday. It was the first time my other half and myself have been on our own in 19 years! We have taken the children (as was) to Portugal for the past 16 years, so this was really a change. The bc experience has really changed me, I think that I am more willing to try new things now.

Anyway, I didnt go riding because the night before I went I walked the dogs in the woods, and as it had been raining my boots got wet,(Ive had these boots for at least 10 years and they remind me of Rio) so I couldnt pack them.

I did take apples down to the fields, and I went into the stables, it was lovely seeing all the head collars and bridles hanging up. I did get really ‘up close and personal’ with a lovely grey who managed to get his head over the fence. It was so good to run my hands over him, even now three years after my ‘boy’ passed away I can visualise the way his coat lay, and I can actually feel my hands running through his mane as we speak. 'Of COURSE Im not going daft!!!

I do hope that your rads go ok, I found that when I came home each day I sat on the bed with a fan blowing on my bits!! The tiredness really was not too bad, I think that a lot of it is because of the driving backwards and forwards to the hospital. I drove myself to Clatterbridge and had 25 sessions.

How soon after you have finished do you go to Portugal, I sat out in the sun whilst and after I had finished, I had a large floppy hat and kept a cotton loose top on. There are some great ones around at the moment.

Have a great time, just relax and enjoy the moment.

Good luck with the rest of the rads, and let me know how you are going on.

Love Debbie x

Hi Debbie,

Lovely to hear from you, glad you had a lovely time i bet it seemed really strange away on your own but in a nice kind of way.
Sounds like you enjoyed the horses anyway just being around them is sometimes enough.

The rads are going well at the moment only 4 to go as you say the journey is probably the worst part, i am only having 15 not like you who had to cope with 25 i have just started to go a little pink but not too bad yet i’m waiting for the soreness to kick in.

I have also started on Tamoxifen i had back ache at first but that seems to have subsided thank goodness i was thinking all sorts as we do.

I’ve still been riding as much as i can which keeps me going as i’ve also put on a bit of weight which i want to try and shift now i’m a bit more mobile.

I am also going for a sponsored ride for the RDA on the 16th June which i am really looking forward to my hubby rides also so we go together it is really lovely, we ride around the grounds at Bramham Park its fabulous lovely canter tracks etc and NO CARS which is great. We booked it ages ago and i thought i don’t care if i’m tired i’m still going cant miss this one.

I finish rads on Mon 18th June and we go away on the 21st so i’m a bit worried as it may be a little too soon but i will just have to be careful in the sun really more for a break than anything.

Anyway sorry to waffle

Hope you are keeping well, keep in touch and take care

Have a good one… Hi Jan

I went onto Tamoxifen for a while and now Im on Arimadex and I too had back ache at first, it does settle down, although your mind plays tricks for a while. I have read other posting and were not alone on this.

I suppose, with having horses and everything that, that brings with it: ie. lifting bales of shavings/hay etc we were pretty strong, and now with having virtually 2 years off my muscle tone has completely gone.

If I lift something at work I get back ache the day after, and I now just put it down to losing all that muscle.

You really haven’t long to go with the rads, why dont you speak to the radiologist and mention that you are going away pretty soon after finishing she might suggest something to take with you.

Enjoy your ride on the 16th, I used to live in the Midlands and they had some great rides, I especially used to love cantering on the sandy tracks, I really miss having the wind blowing through my hair.

One of these days…

Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday, let me know how it goes.