Hey lady…not seen you about for a while. How you doing now that you are all chemoooood out lol. Ive had all my rads planning done now and start on monday…woohoo time to change my belly bar from bio-hazard to the radiation one lol…see still not being serious. Things are going well…so far so good…anyway will catch up with you as and when…hope your ok catch u later chica

Hiya Mate

I’m doing fine now (should have sung that lol). As you know, had LAST chemo last week and have got rads planning this Thursday (how long does it take and what do they do?). I’ll give you a giggle now - last month I got, what I thought, was boil on my bum (as you do) so trotted off to the docs where he took one look, laughed and said ‘it’s a cold sore’!!! How the hell do you get a cold sore on your bum (brings a whole new meaning to ‘kiss my ar*e’). Anyway, off I go to the chemist with my prescription only to be told they didn’t have it in stock so I had to go to a different chemist. The guy behind the counter was absolutely stunning and very charming and kept looking over and smiling at me. I took my prescription home and read the leaflet (to check if I could drink wine with it - a necessity I think) only to find that the tablets were for genital herpes!!! I was mortified. No wonder he kept smiling at me, they must have been nudging each other and saying ‘look at that dirty old slapper’. This weekend my mouth started to get sore and I got tiny ulcers, so off to docs again. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the herpes is back and in my mouth this time (I really need talking about). My doc laughed and said ‘if you go back to that chemist your street cred will shoot up’ - cheeky sod. Just get me a bell!

Because of all the rain, I bought myself some blue spotty wellies (very girly) and me and OH went for a walk. I got into a really intelligent conversation about how one half of your body is bigger than the other (which it is) then when we got back and OH pulled my wellies off, one was a size 5 and one was a size 6 (you couldn’t write it). I really shouldn’t be allowed out.

Bet you’re sorry you asked now!

Good luck for Monday and remember to keep still. You won’t need your funky fleecy tartan jammies this time lol.

Love Julie xxx

lol the rads planning is a piece of cake…just lie still and let them get on with it. They lay you down…draw on you…put you into a doughnut type machine that takes measurements (ct scan basically)…then they draw on you…then they do the tattoo dots…it doesnt hurt, just kind of stings for a second.
Erm, had the second planning done yesterday…tooooook ages…lying there on the simulator type machine (same as real thing except you dont get zapped) they matched up the measurements etc, drew on me even more…felt like a colouring book by the end of it. They took loads of x rays with the machine. The first planning took about 20 mins and yesterdays took about half hour…lol. Enjoy your welly boots lol