message for jibby

hi jibby

just want to wish you well for Friday last chemo like me…but not sure I will be on here for the rest of the week and beyond.


Hi Lucy

Thank you so much for wishing me well on Friday - it means alot. Unfortunately, it is not my last chemo, I have one more to go after that. But… I’m nearly there!!!

I have to go for radiotherapy planning on 16th August and I should start rads on 22nd August for three weeks.

I hope you are feeling a bit better and that you have sorted out your holiday.

Good luck with your LAST! chemo on Friday. I will raise a toast to you with a cup of tea when I get home from hospital! Please keep in touch.

Jibby X

Hi Jibby

Thank you too for your best wishes for Friday will be thinking of you mine is at 9 am ish, I think going for the last one is more horrible than going for the first one, but I dont know why as I cant wait for it to be over with…probably because I have had that break in between and started to feel a bit normal again to feel like rubbish again I think…

No haavnt done anything more on the holiday going to wait until I have finished rads now, as I start my rads proper on the 15th Aug the day before you go for planning…I am not sure if I am having it for 3 or 5 weeks they said initially 3 weeks now they think because I have an implant it will be 5 weeks which is annoying to think they cant decide…

Yes I will stay in touch…

Love as always Lucy XXXX