Message for Julie 41

Message for Julie 41

Message for Julie 41 Hi Julie

Just thinking about you this morning, hows things, you feeling any better yet?

Hope you are, take care.

Love Lesley x

Hi Lesley Hi Lesley

Bless you for thinking about me - haven’t been on here for a couple of weeks as haven’t had a great time of it all to be honest. My last chemo was an awful experience from start to finish - the clinic was full of old people for a start which really got me down. I know cancer isnt fair at any age but when you’re only 42 and sitting there surrounded by people in their 70’s, its even more depressing. I felt the chemo was rushed (they were short staffed),then to top it all off, I was sick that evening.

Was on a real downer that following week and sobbed every day. Anyway, I had a phone call from my neighbours friend (who also has breast cancer, but seems to be dealing with it a lot better than me!) who told me I should get to my GP and try Prozac instead of diazepam as she thought that could be making me feel worse (she’s a nurse so she should know!). I have to say, it’s worked to a degree - I haven’t cried now for nearly two weeks !!

Anyway, after a chat with Karen McAdam, I’ve now decided to have my chemo at home (the next one is this Friday), but also we’ve realised the reason I was sick last time is because I was given the anti-sickness tablets too late. She’s assured me this shouldnt happen again ! Having said that, I’ve been a bag of nerves since my last chemo and am absolutely dreading the next six sessions ! Also today, I realise that me being HER2 positive means I have the most aggressive form of breast cancer, which being the eternal pessimist I am, has brought me back down again. This whole nightmare seems to be never ending !

By the way, I did manage to get your phone number, and I promise I will be in touch soon.

Thanks again for caring about me !

Love Julie xx

HI Julie Hi Julie

Hope chemo has gone better at home and that they have got your anti sickness meds sorted.

Thinking of you, take care.

Lesley x

Hi Julie! Hi,
Hope your feeling a little better having chemo at home. Don’t feel your not dealing with it well just because someone else seems to be doing better. After all some people are just better at putting on a brave face that does not mean that underneath they are not just as fragile. I know everyone keeps telling me how well I’m dealing with everything (Grade 4 cancer) and all the treatments, but that does not mean that sometimes especially when on my own I don’t have a good blub about things.

I think you are coping brilliantly, keep it up!!!

Love Treakle XXXXX (Big hug too)

Hi Julie Hi Julie

How was your last lot of chemo, have you been any better this time?

Hope you are doing ok.

Love Lesley x

Chemo update Hi Lesley (and Treakle!)

Thanks for your messages, and what a week it’s been !!

Chemo at home was MUCH better, much more relaxed and I felt “ok” at the weekend. By Monday I was vomiting regularly, and by Tuesday I still hadnt stopped. I phoned the Chemo ladies to be told to ring my GP to come out and give me anti sickness jab - which she did. And I still kept being sick.

Come Thursday morning I had had enough and phoned the hospital who told me to go straight to Clinic 8. By now, as you can imagine, I was in pieces - I really looked like a “proper cancer patient” ! if you know what I mean.

Anyway, every drug they tried didnt work, until they gave me an injection of Cyclizine, and wired me up to a drip for six hours to rehydrate me. Have to admit, I was very pathetic and cried on and off all day - especially when the Doctor told me I was to be admitted overnight !

To cut a long story short, I ended up in 2Y overnight, being given 2 more bags of potassium and lots of obs, and was finally sent home at 4pm yesterday - no longer feeling sick - hurrah !!!

I have to say, the Oncology staff were excellent, they really really looked after me and were determined not to let me go until they could stop the sickness. I now have changed my sickness meds from Ondansetron (which obviously doesnt work for me!) to Cyclizine and will meet with my Doctor next week to see what can be done for next time round.

Luckily I’ve only got one more session of this chemo, (EC) until I go on to my final four (of paclitaxel) which they tell me sickness isnt usually a side effect. Let s hope they’re right !

Anyway if there is anything good to come out of this - I now weigh less than I did before I had the children !!! Every cloud eh ?

Thanks for your concern ladies

Lots of love and a huge hug

Julie xxxx