Message for Littletink


Hope you are ok? I bet you get in an out a lot quicker with being an earlier appt. How are you finding it? It is a real breeze after chemo etc. Just a bind going Mon to Fri. I get the train there and do a ‘Quick Walk’ to the hospital. Trying to get back into shape a little bit as I had got quite lazy over the last few months. Also using it as training for the Race for Life, July 6th.

If you are there longer on Thursday look out for me. As said in previous post, I wear a grey hat/cap. It has studs above the peak at the front. Please come and say hello if you are still there.

Anyway, just a quick message. I hope I get to meet you on Thursday. You take care.


Hello JulieL

I will look out for you tomorrow - have to wait and see Dr Khanna, I will be looking out for someone in a grey hat/cap - everyone will think I am a nosey mare!

I do dash in and out, the quicker the better, I then race back to go to work - am sure it is going to all catch up with me.

Chemo was truly awful, my feet burnt whilst I was on taxotere - they are still swollen now, and the tiredness… aagh - just a nightmare.

How many sessions have you got to have? Forgive me if you have already answered that question - still have chemo brain!

Well take it easy and hope to see you tomorrow

Hi Littletink

Think I may have been there today a little late for you. I lost my hat last night and was frantically trying to find it to wear today!! I to still have ‘Chemo Brain’ Found it at the last minute this morning before getting the train.

I have treatment till 9th May. I get the train from Hinckley and do a speed walk to the hospital! They laugh at me when I arrive as even if it is really cold and wet out I’m about stripped off by the time I get there! How long to you have left?

Sorry about your feet, the effect do seem to linger on don’t they,. My toes still go numb and the only place on me that gets cold.

Fortunately I’m not working during the treatment. Going to get phased back in hopefully week after rads finish. I am staying with my Step-father in Hinckley as it is easier to get to LRI than if I stayed in Peterborough where I live as I would have needed to go the Cambridge every day.

Been nice to catch up with old friends here though (used to live here).

Shame I missed you today.

Take care


Hi Julie,

I was in and out today in record time! I think I may have come across you at the planning session - does this ring a bell … one of the machines was out of order and all the appointments were delayed - there was a very petite lady that had travelled from Peterborough and was well and truly fed up (rightly so) as she had an appointment at a Hospital in Peterborough and needed to get going - was that you? If it was, I went in to the simulator and you were next. I was extremely nervous that day and hardly said a word to anyone, didnt want to be there (for some strange reason!).

The Receptionist is lovely at the LRI isn’t she? - I got in there yesterday all dedraggled because of the rain, and she looked up and went “its raining then” - not sarky, just stating the obvious! ha ha

I finish my rads on 13th May - got 5 booster sessions (?) added on - great! So that takes my rads up to 30 in total.

Would have loved to have met up with you today - but never say never!

Take care

Hi Littletink

I do believe that was me!! I had two planning sessions as they messed up first time. I’m also having 30 (one week of boosters).

I am short 5ft and little tiny bit!!

The receptionist is lovely isn’t she. Also the red cross ladies with there drinks and biccies! I took a few packs of biscuits in today which she was so appreciative.

I just got back to Peterborough just in time for my appt. I was having saline injected into my tissue expander. I had Dr Khanna that I was still being ‘inflated’ and they still went ahead with the planning so I thought it must be ok but luckily common sense told me measurements would be different by the time I was fully inflated and having the Rads. So I asked my Dr in Peterbough and he said I def needed to be re -planned. Good job I queried it otherwise I would have been nuked in the wrong place.

Find the radiotherapist all really nice and make you feel comfortable. Even had a hug off one of them today!

Have you had your op yet? etc.

I didn’t mean to sound so racked off when there for the planning, I just panicked about missing my other appt.

I am staying there a bit later tomorrow as they are having a ‘carer’s’ day, so having a manicure. Wanted an Indian Head massage (get the hair growing more) but they were unsure whilst having Rads. Don’t know if you saw the yellow leaflets about it for people who know someone with cancer, (you probably missed them running past) lol. My Step-father was dx with Lung C about a month after my dx. So they said I qualified.

Anyway, sorry I missed you and as you say, never say never.


Oh my word! it was you!!! How weird is that!!! Why shouldn’t you have been racked off? You had every right to - you were panicking about getting back to Peterborough. I was just sitting there with my hubbie by the magazines, just wanting the walls to swallow me up, I felt really awful, I think we were the youngest in there (I am 42) and you are a lot younger than me. I surprised myself by how crappy the whole morning made me feel. And as you say, it a good job you queried your treatment - who is the professional in all this!!!

Sorry to hear about your stepfather, hope all goes well with his treatment. Yeah you are right I didn’t see the leaflet, I have got one hefty butt and I leg it through that waiting area, eyes straight ahead and dash to the carpark.

I have had a WLE and chemo, my cancer is triple negative so rads is the end of treatment for me, no tablets. Just hope all will be ok…

Yeah the radiologists are great, I had to have some cream today as my skin is starting to break down - it gives coverage over the area - like superglue, she said! I am usually on bosworth and the staff up there are lovely.

Hope you’re talons look gorg tomorrow - enjoy.


Hi Karen

It is really strange, what a coincidence. My step-father isn’t too bad at the moment thank you. It has perked him up having me hear for a few weeks, not meaning to sound conceited with that, but had been difficult to see him during chemo and at Christmas, so having some quality time now.

I hope the cream works for your skin Karen. Is that the gel cream? I have just been piling on the aqueous cream. Just red at the mo and a little sore underneath but I’ve been quite lucky (so far).

I’m ER+, 8/8 highest receptive score, (lucky me!!!) Don’t know about you but I haven’t been too emotionally upset by the treatment so far (had my moments) it is the future that scares me. I’m sure that will hopefully get better with time though. I keep thinking ‘well if I do get again, then there will be a cure by then’.

Unless they put false nails on tomorrow can’t see them being any sort of a ‘talon’ lol. but I’m sure it is going to be a great feel good factor.

I’m normally on Swithland but have been on bosworth. Found all of them to be great. Think I’m past caring now who see’s my boobs!

Thanks for the comment about being young. It is horrible sometimes there though being younger. I sometimes get a little annoyed thinking I hope I get to there age. I am close in age to you, when I had my mastectomy end of January I had my Birthday while I was in hospital, it was my 40th. Had complications there as well as the first tissue expander they put in started to leak so I had to wait a week in hospital to have another one put in as couldn’t op again straight away as had had to have blood transfusion. It was quite funny one morning as I woke up with conjunctivitus in one eye and couldn’t open it so I said to the doc, “Great, I now have one eye as well as one boob”! Not sure if he got my humour but I had to laugh.

It is a shame our appts. are not closer together, would be great to have met up.

take care


Hi ya,

Have been away to my hometown, Birmingham for a girlie weekend, had a great time, went to see French N Saunders too, nice to have few cocktails and a laugh! Back to the grind tomorrow :frowning:

Yeah I bet having you around is a real tonic for your step-dad - glad to hear he is doing well.

Blimey you have had a time of it haven’t you in the Hospital and spending your 40th in there - jeez, there is only one way to go now for both of us and that is UP! (not literally - lol).

What does 8/8 highest receptive score mean - scuse my ignorance, does that mean from a hormone point of view? Sorry Julie, I am still learning!

Hope you got on ok at the “carer’s day” - they better have done a good job!

Got some mid morning appointments for my booster sessions, so will look out for you.

Take care


Hi Karen

So glad you had a great time in Brum. I am also from there!!! I was born in Solihull and then lived in Northfield till I was about 18, where are you from? What another coincidence eh!

Bet French and Saunders were Brilliant, think a bit of laughter really does us some good. Cocktails sound gooooood!!

Sore 8/8 which I read on my pathology report so asked my Onc. She said it just meant that my cancer was VERY Hormone response, (Top score) so I am going to try to eliminate as much as I can from diet creams etc. Without going too fanactical.

‘Carer’s’ day, Well that was embarressing. Didn’t have manicure managed to get some reflexology, but, since chemo finished and hair grown back on legs, (bad weather etc) I haven’t shaved, felt good to have hair again!! Just apologised for the wolf like legs. lol Was great though. I have also shaved now. Saturday good weather and wore a skirt.

Will hopefully see you when you have your mid-morning appts. Will still have my hat/cap. either on head or in hand so if in had look out for the one with a ‘little’ quiff.

Your take care Karen,



Now this is getting tooooooo spooky!

You are from a posh part of birmingham - I am from Edgbaston - but right on the cusp of Smethwick, so not posh at all - lol

French and Saunders were good, packed out at the Hippodrome, went into the Arcadian for some food and ended up having the cocktails as they were buy one get one free! Well it just had to be done! That’s probably half the reason why they were so funny! Stayed at the Crowne Plaza - jeez it is being refurbed and it looks like a bomb site. Added to the drama though!

I thought 8/8 might have meant that - but didnt want to presume. Me being all the triple negatives I havent delved into that side of things.

Had to wait and see the dressing nurse today - skin has now broken under my boob, dressing is that big looks like I have got a sanitary towel tucked in there! Nice!

Ha ha, you and your hairy legs! It’s weird isnt it when it comes back. I noticed my eyebrows the other day and realised that they needed a pluck - but was reluctant to as was so impressed by my glossy brows! (I have very fine hair in my eyebrows, you can hardly see em).

Am on a mission now to bump into you - and as you have shaved your legs I wont be looking at hairy ankles! lol You look for someone with a lard a** and perfect eyebrows!

Keep in touch


Hi Karen

Think we may be on the same wave length!! I saw a younger person today at the LRI and sat there hovering my hat in the air just in case!

Solihull may have been the posh bit but Northfield??!!??

My friend from Northfield (from school) has been absolultely fantastic since dx. She came to Peterborough after nearly every chemo for a couple of days to help out. She has 2 daughters 14 and 11 and an OH and still rearranged her life to help out, Love her to pieces.

I hope it isn’t too sore under your boob and the gel is helping. Mine is just starting to go, quite tender but luckily not broken. Have had to use sanitary towel though for the first time, after the tests for the other trial gone on (not trying to be crude) but atleast mine is in the right place! lol.

I will be looking out for some Perfect eyebrows.

Take care




Yeah had a sanitary towel on on sunday - under my boob! What a state eh! That’s good news about you know what! (going into Les Dawson mode - nudging my boob up - this will be soooo wasted if you dont know what I am talking about!).

Your friend sounds brill - you really only want people that know you inside out when you are going through chemo dont you? Especially when she had such a lot to arrange herself, that really is what proper friendship is all about.

Yeah ok, you got me with northfield… I have a friend that lives there, on Quarry Lane. Bet you are glad I told you that! lol

If anyone else reads these threads they are going to think what a barmy pair.

Hope your skin holds up - the dressing nurse yesterday had about as much enthusiasm as a fa*t in a paper bag - she was hard work, gave me one dressing and I am supposed to take that off and on!

So there’s you waving your hat around and me combing my eyebrows - they’ll be chucking us out!

Well today was my 21st session - roll on 13 May.

Catch you soon…


Hi Karen

Hope you’re ok? How is the skin doing, hope the gel is helping it and you have some more dressings!

Quarry Lane!!! I used to live not far from there, do you know the Kalamazoo? I used to live Hawkesley Mill Lane off the Bristol Road and friend lives West Park Avenue which is not far opposite side of Bristol Road to Quarry Lane! Small world.

Dr Khanna told me today that I have finished my treatments! The booster week they were going to give me would not work due to having the tissue expander in and the booster treatment only goes upto about 3cms back so wouldn’t reach chest wall. He said that I had had enough radiotherapy and the booster really would have just been an extra precaution due to tumour being so close to chest wall and no clear margin, but not too worry. So I came back into the waiting area and started jumping up and down waving my arms about!! Said goodbye’s to a few who I had got to know (group hug) etc.

Yeah got the joke!!

Going to stay in Hinckley till originally planned as Step-father’s Birthday on the 9th and want to be with him for that. I know it is another week away from my little boy but feel really need to stay here. (Another week off work as well)! I am looking forward to going back but a little nervous as will have forgotten everything, even though I’m sure it will come flooding back. Work have been good and have said can phase back in and to not feel pressured so that’s good. Got a new boss to go back to and only spoke on phone once but she seems really ok.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

Take care Karen



Where about’s are you?


Sorry for the delay in replying - bank holiday took me all out of synch! It dont take much!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have finished!!! good on ya!!! Am so pleased you can finally go home, how old is your little boy? I have two girls, aged 18 and 12, you must have missed him loads. Dont blame you for hanging on an extra week though, you got some celebrating with your step father to do!

Dr Khanna drew where my boosters are going today - start them tomorrow. They are doing them on my scar where I had the WLE - so next Tuesday I will be finished…

Yeah I know where Kalamazoo is, my friend on quarry lane used to work there - very briefly! We all originally worked at Bass Brewery, Cape Hill, Smethwick - and as that has closed we all went our own way, but we all still meet up for a boozy session.

I am in Market Harborough - bit different to Smethwick!

Take your time with going back to work - if they tell you to go if you feel tired, then go! Dont hesitate. A phased work back is a brill way for you to find your feet again - it really does un-nerve you not being there - but after a couple of days you will be feeling like you have never been off.

Keep in touch wont you?


Hi Karen

Hope you are ok? Is tomorrow your last day? CONGRATULATIONS to you if it is.

I started back work today, just for a few hours to sort through my emails. (Only a few hundred ot them!!) managed to delete most straight away so not too bad. They were great at work and had prepared a little office for me to be able to sit quietly while I went through the emails, even put a little sofa in there if I needed! A lot of changes at work but sure will get back into it soon enough, (just in time for next op and time off) lol.

Market Harborough!! Nice.

How is the skin under your boob? Hope the gel has been working.

It is great to be back with my little boy, Dalton, he has just turned 4. It must have been hard for your two girls, being that bit older so understanding more. Bet there glad your coming to the end of your rads.

My wigs and cap have truly been ditched now. Especially with the hot weather. It has grown with a small quiff to one side of the top of my head, so got some wash out blue and pink dyes with uv glow! Before I found the dyes I tried to use Beetroot!! It doesn’t work I just stunk of vinegar so had to have second shower before going out!!

Anyway, off for now as loads of emails at home to sort through. Hope we keep in contact.

Take care Karen,



Wow, that hair dye sounds wicked (ark at me, old un!)

Yep finished my RADS!!! Still sore underneath and now the part where I had my boosters is soooo hot, got to keep my eye on it incase that starts to break down too. Dr Khanna gave me a kiss! After 9 months of treatment I think he has got to know me pretty well!

What a lovely name Dalton, and such a lovely age too. Yeah I bet you had a cuddle fest to make up for lost time.

Work have been good to you havent they, thats really nice to give you a “chill out” area.

I didnt go to work after finishing my rads yesterday, my hubbie came with me and we went out for the day to Foxton Locks for a pub lunch, was lovely sitting in the sunshine watching the barges and drinking wine. And the thought of not having to make that journey in the morning was bloody priceless!

Beetroot! got yourself into a bit of a pickle… wah! humour me!

Take care, and yes we will keep in touch.


Hi Karen

Foxton Locks, I went on a barge trip down there (few years ago now). Sounds a lot better than work, Pub, Wine, Sunshine, by Water!! Sure you and your hubby had a great time.

Yes, I have been lucky with work being so good. My new boss is fantastic but found out she is only there for 3 months, hoping she may stay a bit longer as already feel could work great with her. She’s really laid back and caring. Gave me a hug as soon as I walked in and had only spoke to her on the phone twice! Feel more confident going back to work now. Had to sort through hundreds and hundreds of emails but was ok. Especially as they had made the office so nice for me.

Well, as I am typing this I have Very Red/Pink hands. No not been painting with Dalton, have food colouring on them. Works brilliant on the hair!! Think I may need to use gloves next time though and not sure if washes out straight away (mind you, no vinegar/pickle to preserve it)!! MY OH is going to have a shock when he comes in from work! Dalton thinks it is great though and certainly better than the beetroot!

Really pleased you’ve now finished your Rads. Hope your skin, where you had the booster treatment keeps ok.

Anyway, must go and do some dinner. Will speak soon.

Take care,