Message for Liverbird

Message for Liverbird

Message for Liverbird Hi

SOrry to hear you feel so bad. I too am 18 months since dx and feel exactly like you.

I know quiet a few people who have had this and are ALL ok years later but this still does me no good because I just think I will be the one who isn’t.

My oncologist thinks I am very “odd” to be feeling like this given my prognosis and has referred me for hypnotherapy which starts in 2 weeks.

When I read your post I was a bit worried because you said you are going for all those scans next week. DO you get all those at every chek up?? I get nothing except a prodding in the neck!

I have had no scans at any checkup and am now worried . WHy not? The only thing I can think is I did not have any nodes involved - did you?

Maybe you should ask for hypnotherapy - I will let you know if it is any good after I havebeen next week.

Were you treated at Christies?

Take CAre

ALise x