Message for Magz175

Hi Margaret, Just wanted to wish you well for tommorow, and I wish you well with the rest of your treatment.


Thanks for that Jillian - I still can’t believe that I’m on No 4 already - don’t know where the time has gone - but I sure hope the rest passes just a quickly lol !!

best wishes to you too

Margaret x

Hi Margaret

Just wanted to wish you luck for tommorow, you are always so helpful and supportive to others on this site just wanted to return the favour.

Sending Hugs



Thanks Karen - that’s what I love about this site - everyone is there for everyone !!!

Margaret x

Just thought I’d let you know - that’s it - 100% Fec’d lol

All went well today - just hope side effects keep themselves to a minimum with this one!

Onwards and upwards!

Margaret x