message for mandy

message for mandy

message for mandy hiya mandy not been on for a while on my second dose of epi-Xeloda thought I was doing so well sailed through the first 14 day cycle, came my 7 day rest period wham dont know what hit me totally drained plus terrible nausea it has been such a effort to put one foot in front of another been pulling myself up the stairs know I am getting old, but I really feel it now, I have forgotton where you are up to on the trail hope you are doing okay take care chris 56

Hi Chris
nausea wasnt part of the deal, not terrible nausea anyway, I do hope they sort that one out for you, after the epi it’s the last thing you need.
If fI take the anti nausea tablet at the same time as xeloda mine has been kept in check fingers crossed. Like you though the tiredness is pretty difficult. If it helps any I dont think it’s just your age. I suppose we just have to rest when our chemo battered bodies tell us to, frustrating isnt it?

I have been trying hard to keep going, have been to the gym for 30 mins twice a week - that feels like a major accomplishment but knocks me out for the following day. I’m a bit stubborn though, and it does make me feel better the day that I go so will continue. I’ve heard that exercise does combat fatigue and as I’m doing the Race for Life in Exeter at the end of July (with my sister and daughter) I will keep trying, just a couple of extra hours sleep the next day to expect.

Just finished my 1st lot of xeloda, on day 1 of the 7 day recovery week now and maybe i’ve done too much as I was so relieved to have each day the same instead of the terrible week after epi. I have to remind myself I’m still having chemo so should expect to be tired.

i am trying really hard to focus on “normal” as much as I can, for my daughter too. some nice sunny days have been helpful. Not been posting much on here either but i will keep an eye out for you…

Is your hair showing signs of coming back? Mine is sparse and doesnt seem to be doing much yet.

Better go, off to see the oncologist now.
Take care, hope the next lot isnt so bad, good to be on the homeward stretch at least.
best wishes