Message for Mel999

Hi Mel

Not seen you on here for a few days, I hope you are OK and everything is still going OK with side effects etc. I know you have your 2nd chemo on Thursday, day after me, so wishing you all the best for that one and hope goes ok with no side effects as such again.

Please let me know you are ok, as you have not been posting and am worried about you.

Take care, thinking of you


Hi dawn,
Sorry, I have not been on a while as I have had a few traumatic days!
I just feel really tearful, hateful of everyone around me - specially people who complain about what I consider know to be little things, toothache, headace oh & the classic I think I got flu!!! I just feel like screaming at them - I wish I just got flu… the worst part is I feel like im snapping at the OH all the time - for no reason and he just takes it when all i really want him to do is shout back at me. I feel like Im suffercating…
OH YEH my hair is coming out by the handfula & all people say is dont worry it will grow back - easy for them to say. I am not a vain person, never have been but this is slightly sending me loopy…
And another classic that is sending nutty is when people say “Its amazing what they can do these days!!!” “your chances are better”
What are they trying to say? Please say this normal, that I am not going mad…

Im sorry to winge - im normally so up beat, but the weekend has been a little well weird to say the least! I cant e, that I am ven blame it on pmt…
I cant sleep - hence typing this at 5am. so I know by 6pm I will be like a zombie.
Even the nytol isnt working. Ive even tried going to bed later!

I hope things are ok with? and im sorry in making you worry, I Will Survive - We will Survive!

Again sorry! I will be alright - need a good pamper day I think.

Sending cyber hugs to all

Oh Mel

So sorry you are going through a bad time, I know it is hard, and to be honest I feel the same. People telling me how good things are with cancer treatment now, and they are always improving, doesn’t really help us though as it is us going through it. When people moan about little things, I think, wish that was all I had to worry about. Feel bad thinking like this sometimes, but think it is normal.

My hair is coming out so fast now, and am starting to get a bit emotional about it. My OH keeps saying don’t worry, it will grow back soon. And I say, yes but its my hair, and its me that its happening too. So he says, but your wig is lovely … know he means well, but its not the point. Its MY HAIR that is falling out. Can’t even comb it today. Looks a bit of a mess to be honest.

Can you not ask at your chemo sessoin on THursday about sleeping, cos I know from this site people take things like Zopiclone or other types of drugs. Might be worth finding out if they can prescribe you some. Have to say, my sleep is fine. Am knackered after running after Jack all day and making sure he is not about to smash his head open!!!

Off to my sisters today, to look after her baby (same age as Jack but not moving yet), and she is coming to look after him tomorrow. I will catch up with you later.

I hope you are feeling a bit better and wish there was more I could do for you.

Take care

Hi Dawn,

Thanks. I am thinking of getting it shaved of (OH wants me to hang on a long as possible) but it is drivig me mad, I dare not brush, wash or even touch it.
My Scalp is so sore & tender it really hurts, is yours the same?
I hope u dont tire yourself out to much! how do you do the whisper back!!!
I will be thinking of you tomorrow.XX
I will ask nurse about something to help sleep. Being a Zombie does not help…
Take Care & dont worry I’ll be ok just need sleep and for all this to be over…

Hi Mel

At sissys now … yeah my scalp was hurting yesterday. Managed to wash my hair, but cannot comb it as coming out in droves, getting a bit emotional about it to be honest, and everyone keeps saying its only your hair and will grow back. Wonder what they would say if them.

Was meant to get cut last night, but was cancelled by Dan (hairdresser guy), and supposed to be doing tomorrow, depending on how I feel. Am thinking of getting him to shave off, or cut really really short. Scared about it, but am getting depressed about how it is now, and looks really horrible.

I will email you later, and give you my number if ever you want to call. Can’t give on here.

Anyway, catch up later on, my little son is trashing sissy’s house. Her baby sleeping.

Bye for now. Keep smiling, we can’t get through this together and with the help of everyone on here.


Hi Sam

Sorry about that, thought if whispering was ok.


Hi Dawn,

Have emailed U…

I am also wondering if to get it shaved of as it is depressing me also…
Spoke to Chemo Nurse, she is coming out tomrrow to take bloods then if all ok she will be back thursday for chemo.
thank god I’m having it at home!!!
when do u have your chemo tomorroww am or pm…