Message For Mounties


I seen your message on thinking about work and thought I would pass on this message as I know you were concerned about the hours you want to return to work…I posted it on that thread but just incase you miss it I have included it below:

Hi Ladies,

I work in Recruitment/Human Resource and spoke to one of our HR Directors so this is for all of you, particularly Mounties:

  1. The Company can’t insist on what hours she do. I fully agree that they should support her in her doing less hours until she feels strong enough to work full time, but they can’t insist that she only does 5 hours. if she wants to do 20 hours, great. Let her do it. If she feels that this is too much, then reduce it. but they can’t insist on what she does. If they have an occ health dept, then they should get her in to see the Company doc an go on his advice.

  2. She has to go back to her own job. Fair enough someone may have to help while she is off, but that person should be put in on a secondment, and the person’s job should be kept open. I only hope that she isn’t pushing herself to go back for 20 hours if she feels she has to because she feels threatened by this other person. It’s very insensitive on the employers part if they are saying that the person who’s battling cancer doesn’t have a job to go back to. If she wants to check her rights about this, she could call ACAS 08457 474747, but I think she’ll find that the Company can’t do that.

Hope this helps…

Love Lynne.xx

Hi mounties how are you I cant give you my email on here keep posting I am well I feel great I am getting stronger everyday I am having quiet a bit of pain in my arms and legs with the Arimadex but I suppose its a small price to pay for being here You Take Care Love Linda xx

Lynne, can’t thank you enough for your message, you have really given me the fight i need for meeting on fri with manager who up to now has treated me as if i am a leper rather then someone fighting bc.Thank you so much and if its ok with you i will let you know how friday goes. In the meantime i will ring acas to get advice but thank you so much again, love christina xx

Hi mounties Sorry to hear about your problems at work I do think its disgusting the way some people on here are being treated. My new job is good I do still get a bit tired but thats to be expected. I didnt have to have the radiation as I was classed as border line what ever that means so my oncologist said I didnt need it so I was so pleased as I would have had to have gone to a different hospital for it and it was along way to go and back. I had my friend and her husband come for the bank holiday they flew down from Birmingham for 4 days and we had a fantastic time. I still miss Birmingham but I do like my new house here. I have now got a nice head of blonde hair and I am starting to look my old self again which I am pleased I do also try and stay positive I try not to think of what Ive been through Going back to work has helped a great deal as I havent got time to think of BC I still do get a thought not very often am I going to die but then I put it to the back of my mind.I seen one of your posts about you going for the recon good for you I am still not going to bother as apart from being a coward I dont want to be ill again.I do wish you the best of luck for it Let me know when you go I am coming to Birmingham for xmas shopping in the next couple of months so maybe we could meet up for lunch I will let you know when OK You Take Care Love Linda xxxx PS I havent been on the live chat for weeks but I am going on to-night so I hope you can come on

Hy Linda, yes i will definitely make sure i am on tonight. Let me now when you will be in birmingham and i will definitely come through for that lunch. Very envious of your new hair colour wish i couldcolour mine to get ri of this awful grey but have to wait ill radiotherapy finishes or it will go green apparently. Although after walking round bald for so long nothing fazes me now. Gladto hear new job going well, i have meeting tomorrow about my return to work so wish me luck as thinki am in for a battle with battleaxe at work. Talk tonight, love christina xdxx

Hi Christina,

Good Luck for tomorrow, I will be sure to log on to see how you get on.

Love Lynne.x

Thanks lynne, spoke to acas today so feel ready and willing to fightfor job i love. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks very much again, lov christina xx

Hy Lynne, had meeting today was very assertive and got exactly what i wanted which is to return to work from 15th of sept doing 20hrs a week until i build up to full time again by 22nd oct when i will return to my original job. Thank you very much yet again for your help, i never could have got there without your advice. I feel much happier now. It is amazing sometimes how much power and strength you have to fight any battles after fighting bc. Onward and upward!!! Love Christina xx

Hi Christina,

I am sooo pleased you got what you wanted. none of us should be made to feel like we dont belong in our work place!!! My thought process is, if were good enuf to do the job in the first place, we can return to doing our job to the best of our ability!

This site is marvelous for inspiration, help, advice etc and long may it continue - i know im gonna need it as im just starting out on the chemo road, but it gets me by knowing everyone on this site is willing to help each other.

Once agin, I am so so so so pleased it worked well for you. Let me know should you need anything else anytime.

love Lynne.x

Hi Christina just wanted to say how pleased I was to read your posts about going back to work we do move onwards and upwards dont we!My love to you,Valxx


Great to hear your news, sorry you had so much angst about it to get there but like you say, onwards and upwards.

All the best