Message for PETUNIA

Message for PETUNIA

Message for PETUNIA Hi Meg
How are you? And how’s your husband getting on?

I am gradually feeling better and my skin is improving now. I’ve been very lucky - although it has been red and sore, it has not split or peeled.

I’m seeing my GP next week and shall discuss my return to work! Then I have to see Occupational Health and agree my phased return. I have mixed feelings about it. Once I’m back, I’m sure I’ll want to be back home! When are you returning to work, or have you put it off while your husband is incapacitated?

I have used the other site a bit, but don’t worry if you don’t register. It’s less than 4 weeks now to our Look Good - Feel Better Day.

Best wishes
Pam x

Hello Pam HI Pam

I haven’t been on this site for a while and just spotted your message. Also saw your post regarding how it feels when treatment is finished in which you summed up my feelings beautifully!

I am pretty well healed after the rads. Like you I was red and sore and did have one small area which was weepy but my GP gave me some different cream and that has cleared up nicely.

Life has been busy as my husband is still on crutches and so I’m doing all the essential domestic jobs. I also went back to work this week. I had to take Monday as holiday so I could take my husband to the fracture clinic which means it is a nice short week. My employer was brilliant, asked if I wanted to delay my return when they heard about my husband but I decided that putting it off would only make it harder to go back eventually. Having taken the plunge, I find I am quite enjoying it although the first few days have been more socialising than working. I am only doing 3 hours per day for the first couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll get round to registering on the other site over the weekend, sorry, I must seem so unreliable. But if not, will see you on 24 May anyway.

Addenbrookes wrote to say that BCC are considering a Healthy Living Day in Cambridge. Apparently the one planned on 18 April was cancelled for lack of support. I must admit that it had entirely passed me by.

best wishes

Take it Easy! Hi Meg - good to hear from you.

Well done on going back to work. Bank holiday on Monday so another short week for you! Saw my GP yesterday and agreed I need a little longer before I go back, so I’ll see her again in 2 weeks and then go for it!

Don’t worry about joining the other site - you’ve got enough to cope with at the moment. You still need to take it easy. Hope your husband is getting on OK. Can he do the ironing sitting down?!

Keep in touch. I’ll post again a few days before 24th and we’ll arrange where to meet. I check this site every few days if anything else crops up.

Take care
Pam x

PS I haven’t heard anything about the Healthy Living Day.