Message for Pineapple

Message for Pineapple

Message for Pineapple Hello Pineapple

I have just been reading the other UK breast cancer message board and a post about hair loss contained the following advice:

‘’ My hairdresser also told me to wash regrowing hair daily, if not twice daily, and condition heavily. Spend time under the shower stimulating folicles which may have closed over making it harder for the hair to come thru in some places ‘’

The bit about follicles is interesting and possibly worth a try.

Best wishes

Thanks Anthi and everyone else. I have posted a message on the Amercian site so i will wait to see if its happened to anyone else.
shirl X

Hair loss Hello Pineapple

Just in case you are interested, I have been using a shampoo bar from LUSH since my hair started growing back.

It is called New Hair shampoo bar and costs £3.75. If there is not a shop near you it can be bought online from

A friend recommended it to me after her hair loss.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes