Message for Princess18

Hiya Kelly

Where are you? You’ve not been on for a few days and I (and probably others) are starting to worry. I like to read posts from ‘my little mouse’. Hope you’re alright darling. Please let us know.

Lots of love

Julie xxxxxxxxx


You must have read my mind was thinking the same thing and gettin a bit worried. She is one of my right hand men and to many others when it comes to advice!

Kelly - hoping your ok…

Love Lynne.x

I was thinking the same too - where is our Kelly ?

Come on Kelly, it’s not the same on here without you - where are you ?

Love Julie xx


Just seen a post from a day day ago from Kelly on Undergoing chemotherapy: Anyone Else on E-CMF? Reactions? Hair

But like you not seen much in the last 20 hours. Sure she is just being a busy person after the weekend, but Kelly, let us know how you are, as we are now all getting worried about you.

Take care everyone

Hiya Kelly - you have a fan club - I love to hear your comments

Big question ??? you said on a post I read of yours that your hair is growing so much you’re almost ready to go without a wig - how long is it and how much coverage. I now have a dark covering over most of my head but there are still some patches with nothing. On top I reckon I’m about a number 1 - its lovely and fluffy - I play with it all the time - sad aren’t I !!! its very thin and I reckon its going to be about 6 / 8 weeks before I can go without anything so very curious how much you’ve got.

Hi kelly

I was also wondering where you were and if you are okay. Please let us know.

Take care and love

HI Ladies,

she is about as ive seen her posts this morning…

Kelly - hope your well hun, as you can see weve all missed you.


Hi ladies,

oh how lovely of you to be asking after me, I’m so grateful. Many many thanks for caring.

I’m v.g ta, just seem to have been unusually busy this week and have not been able to log on. Odd for me I know as I’m normally bugging the hell out of everyone on here all day every day!!

I had my 3rd day 1 CMF yesterday. Hurrah!!! Another one next week, then 3 week break then my final 2 doses, yippeee!!! I was feeling v.sick last night which is really unusual for me but feeling pretty good today thank goodness! My boyfriends parents are down from Newcastle this afternoon and I’m soooo looking forward to seeing them so I hope I continue to feel well. Fingers and toes crossed!

Saw the oncologist on Monday to discuss the next stage in my treatment. Got rads planning shortly. Having a 4 week break after final chemo then got 15 rads. Starting hormones at the same time but this is currently causing a bit of a stir! My cons said I would be on Zoladex and Arimidex but reg I saw on Mon says I’ll be going on Tamoxifen. My trials nurse is currently trying to sort out this confusion for me!

Kelyn - congrats on finishing chemo!!! I was thinking of you yesterday as I was having mine. I had hoped to be able to post you a good luck mesaage on tues but just didn’t have a moment! I hope it went really well. You must be sooooo relieved! I think I will cry when I go for my last session!!! Mind you, I’ll be back there every 3 weeks for another year for my Herceptin so they don’t get rid of me that easily!!! My hair is sort of like it was when I first shaved it now. I was tempted to venture out commando yesterday but chickened out and reckon I’ll wait a couple more weeks!! My eyebrows and eyelashes are awesome, just like I remember you saying yours were! Not impressed with havin to shave my legs so often though!!

Thanks again ladies for your kind words and thinking of me when you’ve all got so much to think about yourselves,

You’re all awesome and I really do appreciate your support,

Take care and love to all,