Message for RedPolo

Hi redpolo,

I have just come back from hospital, saw my Consultant Breast Surgeon, he examined me and said everything was okay, I thought I had felt a new lump in opposite breast but he could not feel it, I told him I think it’s cos I have had the hysterectomy my breasts are different, they were lumpy and sore all the time before hyst, anyway, I told him about my joint and bone pain and he is going to get me an appointment for a bone scan, he said he not necessarily worried but now I have gone through surgical menopause he will be discussing this at the meeting and they will decide what medication I will go on, whatever it is (he did not say) it thins your bones so they want the bone scan first. I did explain about the pain during the night, I sleep on my tummy and when I go to turn over in my sleep the pain at the bottom of my back is excruciating, same when laid on tummy and go to turn head to other side, the pain at the base of my neck really hurts, wakes me up every time.
Anyway he does not seem concerned really so I will wait and see.
I hope everything went okay with you today hun, let me know how you got on,
love and hugs



Only just noticed this, been in a very dark place for quite a few days now. Sounds like the scan is just checking the condition of your bones- nothing to worry about, really. If they change your medication to one of the aromatase inhibitors you can swap around until you find one that suits. There are 3 - Arimidex, Femara and Aromasin. I tried the first 2 and couldn’t tolerate them so tried Aromasin, which is steroidal based, and found that one OK.

Try not to worry, easier said than done I know.

Love and hugs