message for Victoria2

message for Victoria2

message for Victoria2 Hi Victoria
Just posting to see how you got on yesterday, hope all went well, don’t forget you will get fantastic support on these forums, and answers to many questions you forgot to ask the Consultant,
take care hope to hear form you soon
loads of hugs

More waiting Hi Heather,

Thanks for asking about yesterday.
Generally my initial feelings are positive but un answered questions and more waiting to come!!!

The Dr. examined me and agreed that she could feel a lump, she thinks it is probably fibrous tissue. She then said I would need an ultrasound, which I was glad about . She then signed the forms and said “see you after the ultrasound”. I then left the room thinking I was going for my ultrasound when a nurse came and met me in the corridor and asked me to drop a form off at reception. I replied what for? she said so that we can book you an ultrasound, I then said WHEN? she replied they will be putting an appointment in the post and the appointment should be in about 2-3 wks time, she then advised me I would need to come back to see the doctor a week after the ultrasound for the results.I asked “what about the one stop shop”? she replied Ohhhh no we have only one lady for the one stop shop today and this is only for very Urgent cases

I was so knocked by this that I just left the clinic without questioning it further. I suppose that they have felt many boobs and really think mine is nothing to worry about but I do feel let down by the system that is now making me wait again. I thought the idea of ‘One stop shops’ was that it was all done in one foul swoop to avoid people waiting for appointments- I was sadly wrong.
I rang the clinic when got home and they said that would love to run a one stop shop but can’t so this is their normal procedure Wait, wait, wait.

Anyway enough moans form me, hope you are ok Heather my thoughts are with you.Sorry to hear you are feeling side effects and all the best with your RADS.
Keep in touch
Take Care

Hi Victoria2 Hi Victoria
I am so sorry you are having to wait, for any diagnosis, but it sounds as if you will get good news, when it finally arrives.
It makes me so angry when I hear about some Clinics making us girls wait for appointments for weeks on end, I am very lucky living in Wales I have received excellent treatment, I had a mamagram on the 20th March, and it was just a whirlwind after that, within two days I had a letter to go to the Clinic for further tests, which included Ultrasound and Biospies, and had the results three days later, with a date for me to go into hospital on the 12th April, in between this I had a bone scan, chest scan, and abdominal scan, A breast care Nurse visited me at home, and went through every thing with me, and she also gave me her telephone number so I could phone her if I had any questions, I can still phone the Clinic at any time and go to see the Consultant on the same day if I am at all worried, I know how lucky I am here, after reading what seems to be a postcode lottery, which plays with peoples lives, I would send in a letter of complaint at the way they are keeping you hanging on, as if people don’t complain nothing is done, I also work in Social Services, and as soon as someone complains the big wigs pull out all stops, to deal with complaints, it looks bad for Statistics, please keep posting, as there is always someone on line to chat with, and I found the BCN’s on the free telephone number are absolutely fantastic, it really does help to talk with people who know what you are going through, I am feeling a little better than I did, since starting to take the Tamoxifen when I go to bed, as one of the girls suggested, still feel rough but not so as bad,
take care, and keep in touch
Loads of hugs