Message for victoria2

Message for victoria2

Message for victoria2 Hi V,

just wondering how you’ve been getting on this past couple of weeks? How are you feeling about your appt on Tues? Will you be taking someone with you? Questions, questions, questions eh!!

Have been thinking of you and will defo be thinking of you on tues. I’m also at the hosp on tues but just for pre-chemo bloods. Had to wait an hour last time, hope thats not the case this time! Things to to, places to go and people to see!! Well, to be honest I’ve got a golf lesson!

Anyway, hope you are keeping yourself busy and are doing ok. Please let me know how it goes on tues as and when you get a mo. I know your follow-up isn’t 'til the following week so no worries if you wanna leave it til then to get in touch,

Take care,


Thank you for thinking of me Hi Kelly

I have been ok for the last few weeks, been V busy at work which has helped the time pass quickly. I have been on the site every couple of days and but have not posted myself only replied to others.

I see you have joined the other site are you able to pm yet?
I joined a few weeks ago as I have been finding it difficult to sleep and always on the net at night which passes the hours.Plus I am still hoping my lump will be ok, but there is a bit of history in my family so fingers crossed.

Can’t wait for appointment on Tues- just a bit miffed as the letter said 10min app for ultrasound so it still does not sound as if they will do any further tests then. Maybe I will have to wait till the 20th-hope not.
Surley if they did identify the lump by ultrasound then they would do a FNA or Core biopsy? Too sensible I am sure. I wish we had the one stop clinic in my area as I have read so many posts from women in the last few weeks that have been able to access this type of service.

Hey ho chin up, the weather is fantastic and sitting with a beer in the garden.

I have been keeping up to date with your progress. Hope as is still going ok. You seem to be strong kelly. I bet you were glad you shaved your hair?

Hope all goes well for you on Tues. be thinking of you too.

Take Care

I am always around on the net if you wan’t to get in touch and will let you know how it goes.
4… (thats what they call at golf isn’t it!!!)

How did it go? Hi V,

sorry i haven’t messaged sooner. How did you get on on tues? Were you in and out as quickly as you thought? I hope it all went well for you. So, is it still the 20th when you get your results?

I had my 3rd chemo session yesterday. Feeling ok so far but am waiting for the fatigue and insomnia to kick in! Have been sky+ ing to the max this past few days in anticipation of the sleepless nights I’ve no doubt I’ve got to look forward to thanks to the steroids!! All my hair has fallen out now. It was horrendous and it really hurt, both emotionally and physically. Although my boyfriend had shaved it off for me in anticiaption this still wasn’t able to prepare me for it. I cried like a baby!! I’ve got used ot it now though and my eyebrows and eyelashes are still hanging in there which I good.

I use the other website quite a lot but not totally sure if I am able to pm yet. I will give it a go and see.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon,



Hi Kelly

Sorry I replied on a new thread “U/S yesterday”
Glad to hear from you- I have been worried about you and how you are getting on.
Sorry to hear about the painful hair loss- but good news about the eyebrows and lashes hanging in their!!
Are your employers and OH still V supportive?

You sound as though you have been soooooo active-you put me to shame. I have not been to the gym in months!!!

Take Care


Active, moi?! Hi V,

blimey, I’m really not that active at all, although i know I should be! I have been managing to get out and about and play a round of golf most days about a week after chemo, but I do have to go round in a buggy these days!

My OH is awesome and my employers are great too. I am in the RAF and have just been signed as ‘non-effective’ for the next 6 months. This basically means that my career is put on hold for a few months while I finish my treatment. My job is safe and I am on full pay, thank god! As and when I am ready and able I intend to do a phased return to work.

I shall say ta ta for now and read all about your U/S on the other thread.

Take care mate,