message for withthehelpofriends etc.

message for withthehelpofriends etc.

message for withthehelpofriends etc. Hi there!

I’m having a bad sleepless night so I thought I’d ask for some hugs! I was told tonight that my Mom has only days to live and I’m feeling a bit weepy. She has septicaemia following C-Diff infection that wouldn’t respond to antibiotics. It’s a horrible way to die. I have to do a two hundred mile round trip to visit her tomorrow and I could do with some inspiration. Thanks!

Keep your chin up So sorry to hear your news.

My heart does go out to you. You will be carried through the next couple of days and weeks by simply just reascting to the situation, and being there for your mum. You go on to auto pilot. It is so difficult to watch the ones you love so much suffering. Be rest assured that the hospital will do everything they can to make sure she is comfortable and free from pain.

The weeks and months that lay ahead need to be taken one day at a time. Your beautiful memories will carry you through. The pain is always there but you learn to cope- I think.

Last night , I went to the Light up a life concert in memory of those that had died at the hospice. Of course it was very emotional thinking of both my brother and my dad. We lit a candle and thought of the work that those at the hospice do as well as thinking of our loved ones. My sister in law, who has taking up running since my brother died, ran from the hospice with the flame, and then carried it to the alter. It was very moving.

Just be yourself today,and remember to tell your mum you love her. I wish I could phone or text you, but be assured I will be thinking of you as you make your journey over the next few days.

Lots of hugs.xx

Oh so sorry P… I am sending you all your cyberhugs back and adding a million more…I am so so sorry P.

You have been through so much and now this. I don’t understand life sometimes…I probably would have said ’ I hate life sometimes’ a few months ago but since being part of these forums I have seen such guts and grit determination to keep a hold on life that I have changed ‘hate’ to ‘don’t understand’

You are so in my thoughts and I have a very strong shoulder that will take any level of weeping…it’s here to use. You were there when I needed support…I am here for you now.

I lost my mum 10 years ago. She was in Australia and I was here. I had to make the decision whether I should go and spend time with her before she died ( BC, then malig. melanoma = brain tumor and liver ca ) or wait until near the end and be with my family when she went and be there for the funeral. I chose the first one. Did I make the right decision…I still wonder. It was right for her but hell on earth for me ( can’t help sounding selfish on that one ). I had to walk into the lounge room of the home I grew up in and say bye to my mum knowing that I was never going to see her again even though she was there watcing tv.

I was send a cassette of her funeral…I still haven’t listened to it.

It’s a hell of a journey for you on top on everything else yet not to be there with her near the end is a hell I would not want you to have.

I don’t know your mum but I have had, be it brief, a view of the sort of person you are and all I can say is that your mum must be so proud of you and she did a damn good job!

Will be thinking of you on your journey…drive safely and while nothing any of us here can say will ease the pain we are here.

Take care.