Hello everyone,

Its nearly 12 months down the line since DX for me and I cant stop thinking about the circumstances that made me check myself.

It was a Saturday morning and I was sitting with a cup of tea, the TV was on Shopping channel I think and i was half watching and half thinking about in what order to start my housework and what to cook for tea etc. ( you know normal stuff)
Suddenly a voice interupted my thoughts and said " Have you checked your breasts lately". This voice was loud and neither male or female but it stopped me in my tracks. I dont even use the word breasts in normal day to day language, only with Doc, Onc etc I prefer to use Boobs.

I remember thinking that was strange but then just got on with things. later that night i was having a bath and I thought about that voice again and decided to check. I found a lump about the size of a 10p. Straight away I knew I had been sent a message from who knows where.

I am not mad or strange ( for the record) Most of the Time !!!

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Lots of love
Andrea xx

Not had an experience like that myself, but glad you did. Doesn’t matter where the “check your breasts” message comes from, so long as it is received loud and clear! I’m sure you’ll get lots of interesting replies and glad you are a year down the line now. Sarah x

Thanks Sarah,

Going on Holiday to celebrate , also it nearly my 40th. Its the only way I,ll manage to get My OH on a plane.
Andrea x


I have say something similar happened to me -

I usually checked my boobs every 3 or 4 months - not as often as i should and hadn’t checked for a while, anyway for a few hours i kept getting a jagging feeling in my boob and thought that something was stuck in my clothes, i shook my clothes and it didn’t go away i changed my top and it was still there. when i was in the shower this kept happening and i thought something is stuck on my skin so when i came out of the shower i tried to find this jaggy thing as it was like being jagged with a pin. so i put my hand up to the exact spot where the jaggy feeling was expecting to find a skelf or something similar sticking out and i found a lump. once i found the lump i never once felt that jaggy feeling again, went to doc’s got referal was dx with bc, still undergoing treatment. i think that my mum who died of bc was trying to alert me to it.

p.s It’s nearly my 40th too!

My dad had died 12 months before I was diagnosed. When I was waiting to have the lump removed I dreamt I was having a cup of tea with him(I live in his house) and I said “you know I may be coming to visit you as I’ve found a lump”. His reply was “oh you silly thing, you are not going to be visiting me for a very long time, it’s going to be all right”. After I had surgery and found out I had cancer, I dreamt of my dad’s late sister phoning me. She said “your dad has told us you’re not very well, but I want you to know you are going to be fine”.

Living in my dad’s house throughout my illness made me feel very comforted and safe as I have bits and pieces belonging to both him and my mum around the place.

Hi All,
I definitely had a freaky experience.
Found a lump and was not concerned at all- thought I was too young etc, just thought I would do the responsible thing and let the Dr see it- anyway as I only wanted to see my doctor (who is extremely popular) I could only get an appt for 6 weeks time. I was absolutely fine with this as lump didnt hurt and I was not worried at all
I went to bed and dreamt I was walking through a beautiful park past an old tramp lying on a bench. He sat up- pointed at me and said “You need to get that tested” I woke up the next morning “knowing” it was cancer. I phoned the doctors straight after a person had called to cancel their appt with my dr (how freaky) and was given their appt that morning. I told my family of my dream and described the tramp(long beard, tweed jacket, flat cap) and my mum said it sounded like my dads grandad (he was a farmer and died before I was born). She dug out an old photo and I nearly fell down on the spot as it was my “tramp”
Even though I never knew him, I now have the photo framed in my home as, had I left the appt for 6 weeks time, the cancer may have spread .My mums logic is that it makes sense because my Bc is most likely genetic and he lost his wife and daughter and neice (my dads mum, grandmother and cousin) to the disease.

Its fascinating hearing these stories.

My experience is of a different nature and I believe I had an outer-body experience while in hospital after my mast/recon. Or maybe it was the Morphine. I could see myself laying there accross the room and I was looking down on myself. It was a pleasant experience though. I could hear the staff disscussing whether to reverse my pain relief as I wasn’t breathing enough. I thought ‘Oh no you dont!!!’

Jackie x

Not had those experiences, never checked breasts, went for 3rd mammo thinking “I’m only doing this because it’s free on the NHS, what’s breast cancer got to do with me?”… later, surgeon said “just as well this one was found by the mammogram”. Maybe we can be “guardian angels” to our friends, neighbours, work colleagues reminding them to check / go for screening… and that having bc isn’t an immediate death sentence IF it is treated.

Isnt it fantastic to think that our long lost loved ones are looking out for us. I would love to get a message from my Mum who died suddenly at 61 7 months ago. Just after she died I was feeling pretty sick after a chemo and I said please Mum make me feel a bit better, I suddenly got a really warm feeling all over my chest and back and it stayed there about 30 minutes ( it was like I was being hugged) It was before my hot flushes had started so it wasnt that. It was probably my imagination working overtime but like to think not.

love Andrea x

I was having a good old cry about all this bc stuff and to be honest i was crying for my mum (who died of bc). I then suddenly had a huge feeling of comfort that i can’t understand, as i was crying on my own with no-one around to offer support. It wasn’t a case of gradually calming myself down and getting on with things, this was like someone had flicked a switch in me and turned of any black thoughts or sad feelings. I felt a warm feeling and since my dx this has happened more than once.

Ann x

I lost my mum 16 years ago and I am convinced that it was her who sent me the itch at the top of my boob that I scratched and put my finger straight on the lump.

Because of this my diagnosis was early, the lump was small and I only had micro cell spread to one lymph node.

My mum is my guardian angel and no one will ever tell me otherwise.


I also found my lump in a mysterious way. I had a dream that my left breast was completely inverted and my right breast was in the middle of my chest. It was so shocking that I couldn’t forget it. I had a shower like I always do in the mornings but instead of using the scrunchie(don’t know the real name) thing to wash with, I used my hands. Lo and behold, there was a lump in my right breast almost in my armpit but it wasn’t easily felt. I had to reach my arm completely behind me, like doing up a bra before I felt anything. I’m sure I didn’t feel it subconsciously in my sleep as it’s in such an area that my boobs covered it when I lay down.
I don’t know whether I "believe or not but it certainly gave me something to think about.

Hi All

I too had a weird dream but months b4 dx and i kept on questioning the dream. In August 07 I had a dream that my gran who passed away came to my house. There was a poisonous snake in my house under the sofa and i couldn’t get rid of it anyhow i kept calling my gran who came in and she and i knew she was dead so she went to the snake and picked it up and let the snake bite her hoping it would die soon after. The snake was wild and out of control and didn’t die so she got a sord and chopped its head off. She then said there you go job done. I was complaining to my mother inlaw the day after the dream about the dream saying why could it not have been a nice dream as i loved my gran like a mother and my mother in law told me not to worry as she saved my life in the dream. Anyhow I went to the doctors exactly a year to the day on when she was admitted to hospital 11.12.07 to get checked out about a small lump and was dx 21.12.07 with BC. She passed away on 24.12.06. and i’m convinced that it was message from her - cancer is like posion and spreads around yourbody like a snake - my analysis of it anyway.

Another dream to add to the list.