Message from Kate

Hi All…Have just spoken to Kate and she wanted me to relay the following:

Message from Kate
QUOTE - At moment everything uncertain. I am still testing positive for flu but it is not giving me any signs or symptoms – therefore I can go to the Hospice when a side room becomes available. It is now unlikely that I will be well enough to have any more chemo because the cancer is growing so fast and my heart is failing. Although I am better than I was, miracles are unlikely – I really feel we have reached a plateau. Lymphaginitis and heart causing problems so fluid can’t be drained from the heart…the lymphaginitis means that there is little room for the lungs to physically expand – hence breathlessness.

Thanks for your support.

Love Kate

If Kate does get to the hospice, she has wifi access …

Lots of love

You’re in my thoughts Kate. X

Kate thinking of you, hope you can post soon we all miss you and your wisdom love Eileen

Oh Kate, I am so sorry to read your post and do hope that you get moved into the hospice soon. I am still keeping everything crossed that you get home, and that you do come out the other side again, as u have done for so long. Wishing that there was something I could say to help, and want to put so much down but cant really put it into words as such.

Thinking of you dear kate and sending you lots of love and hugs. We are all missing your posts and missing you.

Take care

Thinking of you and your family and hoping you can move to the Hospice very soon.

Thinking of you Kate- hope that you get to move ınto the hospice soon and come out the other side like you have before.

All the best and all my love

Vicky xx

Am glad you’re not feeling the effects of the flu any more but am sorry to hear you are still so poorly and just hope you get to the hospice soon. We’re missing you a lot on here and really thinking of you and your family. Lots of hugs Anne xx

hope you get into the hospice , get some needed rest and get back out sharpish.

Loads of love


Thanks for the message
I really hope that you get moved to hospice soon as I am sure that you will be a lot happier there.
There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not thinking about you and your family.
lots of love CAroline


I hope, along with everyone else, that you are moved soon to the hospice so you can feel more comfortable. Thank you for keeping us posted via HeatherLou.
Take care
Nicky x

Kate, we thought about you a lot on Friday, hoping you were able to enjoy your kids on Mother’s Day and that the place at the hospice comes up soon
Love Kathryn

Hi Kate, Thinking of you and your family everyday and hope you get into the hospice very soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Linda

sending you lots of love kate. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi kate just sending you my love and prayers ,hope your able to get to the hospice . ,looking forward to reading your posts again soon .take care .lynn xxxxxx

Does anyone have an update on how Kate is faring? I like to have a delve into these forums and see how particular people are and there doesn’t seem to have been any news on her for a couple of days.


Hi everyone, I had a text from Kate yesterday. She is still on oxygen and has improved but is still very unwell. She may be moving to the hospice within the next couple of days and she will let me know when this is as plan to visit her tomorrow where ever she is. She does not think she will ever be well enough for taxol chemotherapy again so is in ‘a strange place’ (Kate’s words) at the moment. i will keep you all updated as much as I can.


Oh poor Kate, it must be a very ‘strange place’ - I hope and pray that situation will change and she may be allowed some more chemo at some point. I’m sure she’ll feel much better once she’s been moved to the hospice, please pass on my very best wishes and love Rach.

Lesley xx

Thinking of you Kate fingers crossed for vinerolbine I think that is the one you hoped to go on.
Love Debsxxx

Kate, I am lost for words.
I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best.
If there is anything I can do please let me know.
Fay :o)