Messages of Hope from others Stage 4.

Thought I’d post this link again, I haven’t posted it for a while but it’s a hopeful read from others with stage 4 bc…x

Thanks for posting this link, Belinda – reading these messages helps me cope, even after six years of living with mets.

Marilyn x

Me too Marilyn! I often re-read them…x

Thanks for posting this, having recently been diagnosed with bone mets these stories make happy reading
Jax xxx

Thanks from me too. I was initially diagnosed in 1999 and with bone mets in 2002. Recently I’ve had more progression and have been feeling sorry for myself (which is unusual for me). Reading these messages this morning has helped me get things back in perspective. I’ve just made an appointment with the hairdresser, first time since finishing chemo earlier this year and I’m off now to potter around the garden in the autumn sunshine.

Oh Belinda what a wonderful threat. I was recently diagnosed with a secondary to my spine and last week another regional lump under my arm which means the current chemo I am on is not working. Meeting onc tomorrow and was feeling down but reading these wonderful stories has given me strength to face whatever comes next.

Thank you, much love Anne xx

Hi ladies

Thank you for posting this, Belinda. It’s very inspiring. I was dx 2005 and given two years. I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to do, and still feel able to do. We had the three grandchildren from Friday afternoon until around 5-ish last night and I was absolutely, completely exhausted. Felt a little sorry for myself last night but, after a good night’s sleep, I feel so much better today. And now, after reading those ladies’ stories, I feel even better :slight_smile:

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hi Maureen

Good to see you posting – how are you??

Marilyn x

Hi to all…I love reading, re-reading these stories…it’s now 6 years since I received my bone mets diagnosis…here’s to many more years for us all…x.x.x

Hi Belinda thank you so much for posting that link ,feeling crap after 4th taxotere on thurs plus a horrible virus ,just what i needed reading positive stories like that ,take care and thank you barbara xxxx

Hi Belinda
Thanks for posting this link - it really helps give us mets ladies some hope, just praying that I am one of the ones that goes on and on… :slight_smile: Like we all are.
Nicky x