Metaplastic breast cancer

Hi all,

I am not new to this site but i don’t really come on here very much like i used to probably because im 2 1/2yrs out, however i do still come on here occasionally when something is troubling me.

Anyway i was diagnosed in April 2012 but just discovered today that i had metaplastic breast cancer. I was just wondering if anyone else was diagnosed with this very rare form…


Many thanks 


Karen x

Im also thinking that i dont think i’ll get many replies because its so rare…x

Hi Karen. I found a large lump in April and had a core biopsy which showed squamous cells. Had chemo first and then mastectomy at end of September. The pathology report confirmed that I do have Metaplastic squamous bc. I am part of a wonderful Facebook group run by Bena Roberts for ladies with metaplastic cancer. Most are based in the US but there are a few of us from the UK. I’m in Surrey and meet with another metaplastic lady from near Reading. PM me if you want to chat. Sheryl x