Miami Breast Center

Does anyone know anything about this new reconstruction technique? Here’s the link: It looks too good to be true, as it involves minimal surgery and can be used even after radiation. Does anyone know anyone who’s actually had this procedure? And what do you think about possible risks? Thanks, girls!!! Gx

Hi, if you look on the discussion forum of there are quite a few threads on the Brava method. It’s not available in the UK. Even Lipofilling is still a new(ish) procedure and though it’s deemed safe no long term studies have confirmed this yet. I am about to have my second lipofill as the first was not successful. Dr Jean Eves Petit has just released a five year follow up of lipofill patients and there was no increase in recurrences in the lipofill patients compared to the non lipofill ones.

I’ll take a look - many thanks. Good luck with your lipofill. x