Mice cause breast cancer

Great - just as I get happy posting messages on this site and surfing the internet looking for links to help me understand my breast cancer :

News from the BBC website:

"The intriguing possibility that a virus which causes cancer in mice could also spread in humans has been raised by laboratory scientists.
The Austrian-led team found that mouse mammary tumour virus (MMTV) - which causes breast cancer in the animals - could replicate in human cells. "

So - should all computers now be sold with a health warning? Or just with the finger control pad ?

There is obviously some link - we’re all using a computer !

How is this disease spread - should I cover the mouse with cling film or foil ?

How many of you out there are using a mouse to access this information ?

We need to know before another generation gets infected!!!

Maddy xxxx

maybe this is why my tumour is small - i stopped using a mouse three years ago when i got a laptop :wink:

i would think though, being a virus - wiping the mouse with a good disinfectant before sealing it in a plastic bag- might be sufficient. Although, if the virus can travel up the cable it may be better to get a tailess (wireless) mouse!

More research required

I think Marigold gloves - not yellow but a nice shade of pink might help too.

Love Treakle xx