Mid summer catch up ?

Just wondering how everyone is fairing?

I am fed up with football now England are out, tennis is over and the tour de France is going to dominate the news now and TV is full of repeats - oh the joys of summer!

I am doing ok, the usual aches and pains continue but nothing too serious (I hope) and am looking forward to a week in Spain at the end of July. Not sure how I am going to manage with one breast in a cossie so am trying to figure that one out.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life

Take care all

Hi Carole - I was just wondering how everyone was doing as well…:smiley:

I am fine - I have my annual checkup with the surgeon tomorrow…

Do send my love to Jackie if she posts over on the other forum…

Maz - how is your mum doing you havn’t posted recently…

Sharon - hope the new chemo is being kind to you and that is showing shrinkage… {{{hugs}}}

A new person posted on the main part of the forum the other night - but I am not sure if she has been back… Cym sending you loads of love if you do pop back…

Hope everyone is doing well… I must admit I do worry when people vanish on here so hope all is well with everyone… x

Theresa x

Hiya Carole & Theresa,
Glad to hear that you two are feeling good,I am too,the move to Spain has been a Godsend for the aches and pains. After reading the post from the new girl who Theresa mentioned,it all came back how scary it was at the beginning,specially the really scary stuff on the internet about IBC,Ive never been back to that site,feel sick at the memory,however,onward and upward. Whereabouts in Spain are you going Carole,are you driving from France? Ive had a few swims in my Marks & Spencer MX cozzy,I use the sponge falsy that I was given in Hospital straight after the op and as I get up the pool steps,I press my arm on it to squeeze out the water,its fine. Im off to England on Thursday to keep an appointment with the surgeon also to get my repeat script from G.P.while Im there. I actually ran out off Tamoxifen with a week to go,no problemo,7euros from our local farmacia,would you believe it,theyre called Tamoxifeno! theyre 20mg same as mine but have the word Funk written on the box so their actual name is Tamoxifeno Funk,when I get my normal ones from UK,I wont take any more but I wasn`t brave enough to go a week with nothing. Enjoy the summer and keep well, love Mags xx

Hi Girls, Just saw this thread and saw that you’d written on it Mags, I’ve just written to you in a pm. Peacock, before I had the reconstruction I bought a specially weighted prosthesis from ‘Nicola Jane’. It was specifically designed for swimsuit wear and was really good. Hope you have a fantastic holiday. I’ve just come back from Rhodes and it was lovely relaxing break.

I’m also fed up with the football, it was even on in the Hotel in Rhodes, my husband was thrilled!!!

Take care and hope you get sorted with the swimsuit bit. If you can’t get one of those, just wear the spongy one like Mags says, they work very well and if you press your arm on it the water comes out easily.

Lots of love to all, Dianne x x x

Hello again…:smiley: Remember the saga of my funny white bumps? Saw the surgeon today for my annual checkup and they have taken a couple of skin biopsys… Should get the results end of next week… Hopefully they will only get me to go in for the results if there is a problem…

Mags - Glad to hear you were able to get some tamoxifen sorted at least you have the rest of the pack now if you ever need them… And definatly better not to read things about IBC on the net…

Theresa x

Hi Theresa,

Hope you are well today. Please let me know the results of the biopsy when you get them. I’ve got a couple of funny little lumps on my fingers, but they seem to think it’s just some kind of warts. We’ll see!!

Take care everyone and keep in touch.

Lotsa love, Dianne x x x

Hello ladies,

Long time since I’ve popped in!

Lovely to read how well you are all doing, we’ve been so fortunate with the good weather haven’t we?

I’m feeling alot better. Finished rads and waiting to see onc for follow up appt. Hoping to hop over to Ireland if I can extend my herceptin appt, could do with a change of scenery to be honest!!

Think my hair, (always MY biggest worry) may have stopped falling out, still on steroids for another week so I’m enormous! It’s definetly been a long pull through this particular treatment but I’m getting there at last.

Take Care all,
Jackie x

Jackie - it is so good to see you! {{{hugs}}} So pleased to hear that the treatment has been going well and a holiday is just what you need xxx

Dianne - thanks for asking… must admit i found it hard to get to sleep last night as the numbness had finally worn off so the biopsy sites were hurting… but it feels okay today…

Theresa x

Hi Theresa, So glad you are feeling ok and that the pain has gone off. Good that you managed some sleep. Hope everyone else is well today and that you all enjoy the sun (if you have any) Ours in Lincolnshire is hit and miss today.

Take care, lotsa love, Dianne x x x

How nice to hear from you all

Mags - I’m glad that your relocation to Spain has helped your recovery we are going to Empuriabrava near Roses and yes, we will be driving which should take us about 5 hours. I’m so looking forward to swimming in the sea. It’s incredible isn’t it how easy it is to buy things over the counter in Spain, France, Greece and probably anywhere except UK. Thanks for the tips re the cossie.

Theresa - good luck with the results from the skin biopsy, you’ve had this for quite a while now so hopefully it is nothing to cause concern. Hope it is feeling a bit better today.

Dianne - nice to hear you had a relaxing break in Rhodes, hope you are feeling a bit better (I remember back to the aches and pains thread we have written on earlier).

Jackie - as you know I’ve been keeping up to date with your progress on BCPals, but it’s nice that you have popped in here to update us. It has been a long haul for you hasn’t it, and fingers crossed that the rest of your hair remains intact.

To Sharon, Maz and all the other ladies that have popped into the IBC thread from time to time here is hoping you are all doing well too.

Hi All,

Very long time since I popped in and it’s good to see you all here again.

I lost a good friend to bowel cancer a few weeks ago and it hit me very hard. We had our treatment at the same time and it never occurred to me that she wouldn’t recover even though I knew she was very ill. I feel very lucky indeed to have come through this with (so far) no spread.

The good news is that I’m doing very well. A few aches and pains in my arm and chest but nothing serious. Muscles and things still recovering from the rads, I’m told. I had my latest check-up last week and so far no sign of any cancer. No real side effects from Herceptin either thank goodness. Aches and pains disappeared when the weather turned warm. Biggest problem at the moment is the menopause which would have happened anyway.

I’m looking forward to 10 days in Spain later this year so the tips for the cossie are useful. I think I’m entitled to another prosthesis on NHS now(nearly a year since mastectomy!) so I’m going to ask by BCN if I can get one for swimming.

Theresa, fingers and everything crossed for your biopsy results.

Jackie, I hope your hair behaves.

Good luck to everyone still on treatments.

Jan xxx

Just had a phone call off my breast cancer nurse and the two lumps I had biopsied are benign…:smiley:

Jan - I am so sorry to hear about your friend… x

Theresa x

Brilliant news Theresa, i’m raising a glass to you!

Take care all

Hiya girls,
Thats real good news Theresa,they kept you waiting a long time for the result,are you just going to live with your lumps or have them removed? Ive just been back to England for my 6month check with surgeon,another all clear thank God,next check is with Onc in Sept.
Carol,how are you? Have you been to Spain yet? It`s SO hot & humid here even my hubby is having menopause sweats. Cheerio,love Mags xx

Hi Everyone, Theresa that’s marvellous news, I’m delighted for you and long may it last.

Mags, good to see you. Great that your results were all clear, it makes the hot sweats worth it (almost!!!)

My friend in Spain has been saying how unbelievably hot it is. When we lived there, the Spanish always said it was the hottest summer ever. They said the same thing every year and then the same thing in the winter about how cold it was!!

Take care of yourselves everyone, lots of love, Dianne x x x

Hi Dianne,lovely to hear from you,your new picture is gorgeous,is it recent? As someone who hasnt had cancer might say,"dont you look well". I had to smile at what you said the Spanish say about the weather,I asked my Spanish teacher which word(bonita or simpatica) about the weather,she said “are you mad,its crap,its so bloody hot”
then she has the nerve to say the English language is mad. How are you keeping,are you getting a bit more normal now after the chemo has stopped? We are in the throes of getting ready for the family invasion,hope they dont wear me out too much,its a year now since all my treatment finished but my energy levels are still lower than before I was ill. Take care,enjoy your weather,what part of England do you live in? Love Mags xxx

Great news for you Theresa. You must be very relieved.

Mags and Dianne. Please tell the moaning Spaniards to come and try living in Scotland. We’ve had pissistent rain here for 3 days solid and it aint warm either. :frowning:

Jan xx

Hi ladies,

Haven’t been on for a while - given a 3 month break from appointments etc and I suppose I didn’t want to be reminded of “stuff” during that! Nice to catch up with where everyone is at though and I wish you all well - hope you all have a blessed summer.

Doing okay myself. Stable I suppose they call it; secondaries in bones not really causing any bother - just so prone to fatigue which I guess is the year of chemo, surgery, rads & current drug regime taking their toll. More frustrating than anything but hey - I’m still here so what have I got to moan about!?

Hello all

Mags - I am pleased to hear your recent check was ok, thank goodness. Good luck with the family invasion, I know from experience how difficult that can be.

Dianne, nice to hear from you and hope your regime isn’t too tiresome for you, I agree with Mags, a lovely profile picture.
Haxted, just wishing you lots of cyber thoughts and vibes to encourage you through whatever the next stage of your treatment is.

Theresa, hope all is well with you

Jan, hope that work isn’t tiring you too much and sorry about the awful weather.

Yes, we’re just back from Spain and I loved it! A holiday is just what the dr. ordered and Barcelona is a wonderful city, but we didn’t spend near enough time there so hope to go back soon, the Familial Church is awesome! The weather was superb apart from the Tramantuna (sp?) winds on the first 3 days. I braved it on the beach with just a cossie that had cups in it, after all the body shapes and sizes I saw I decided not to worry about mine!

Take care all and wishing you all a wonderful summer, or what is left of it.

Hi Everyone, lovely to hear from you all. I’m going away to the North East for a couple of days this morning to see my parents. Doctors appt first though as I have a bloody lump on my face which is probably a se from the Bondronat. (If it’s not one thing it’s another) I live in Louth in Lincolnshire Mags, I love it here, so hope I live a while longer!

Hope you are all well today, take care of yourselves. Lots of love, Dianne x x x

PS Thanks for the super comments about the profile pic. I’m sitting here now with no make up and hair on end (not a pretty picture!!) x x x