milestone 5 yrs review

hi all im having my 5 yr review tomoz ,must say i didnt think id still be here when i was diognosed in 2006 ,the prognosis wasnt very good as i had lymphnode involvement and liver secs! .but hey im still here and apart from a few health probs doing ok .what i want to know is how you all dealt with it and what gets you all through the days ,in a way i hope i wont have to see the onc so often and the meds im on have caused some problems ,also i have lymphodemia which will be a permanant reminder .i have so many questions to ask her regarding my follow up treatments etc .will let you know how it goes and if i am to have a break for a while ! x

Good luck i too have liver secs and will be one year on wednesday since i found out really did’nt think i would be here 12 months on take care linzs xxx

That’s really encouraging news - thanks for sharing your story.

This is very positive to hear as I am 5 years in October and am keeping everything crossed.

Hello ladies, it’s a while since I have been on the forums. I was diagnosed in April 2006. With a 5cm lump, which was triple negative, no lymph nodes involved. I had lumpectomy, 6xEC, which wasn’t too bad for side effects, 15 radiotherapy, and have now just had my final mammogram of my 5 year check up. All is well, so I have been discharged from follow up.

I remember reading posts from Aroma and Cherub at the time, take care ladies I am off to celebrate and wish you all well


Marge, congratulations, well done, hip hip hooray, lovely news and may it be forever yeaaaaaaaaaaaa.

good to have great news.

This is such brilliant, inspirational news. I think BCC should have a permanent 5 year milestone post for stage 4 peeps. It would be wonderful to have stories like yours on a regular basis.

Lovely to hear from you Aroma, I hope all went well…xx
(just edited my post) to say I’ve just caught up with your latest news on another post.
I hope you have been seen by the hospital by now, Take Care…xx