Minus one boob and I feel fantastic

Hello my lovelies, well, had the mastectomy last Friday, was discharged on Tue and been spoilt rotten at home since. Today I get my first outing to our local craft centre for coffee.

Results due on Wednesday, but this time I am quite happy to sit back and wait and it is remarkable the calmness one feels after the turmoil of what feels like putting your life on hold for a month from diagnosis to surgery.

I am really positive about what ever the outlook might be, the support of friends, family, NHS Staff and Cancer Force has been a very positive experience and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

It’s true what they say, these things make you stronger. I know there will be good days and bad days. This just happens to be a good day and thought I would share it with you all.


Good for you AnnieMarie - I agree 100%. I don’t even dread the bad days any more because I know that I will feel better tomorrow or the day after so I just take it as it comes (on the chin).

So stay positive & go celebrate with some chocolate!
Happy Easter
Thelma xx

Hello AnnieMaria

I had my mastectomy last Thursday, thanks for sharing your good day. Energy wiseI feel a lot better now than I would normally feel after chemo, but still I do not feel I can face too much sympathy, do you know what I mean? So I 've avoided going to larger groups of people. Still feeling tired though, although that may be one of the pain killers. Are you still on pain killers?



Hi Thelma, Hi Pauline,

Well results tomorrow hopefully, that’s if the two bank holidays have not put everything back by two days.

Pauline, yes i am still on the pain killers, although these run out today so will have to speak to them tomorrow, certainly don’t feel ready to go without, but each day getting a little better, I think the initial bruising has come out so that certainly helps.

Certainly agree ref too much sympathy, it is all well meaning, but if anyone else tells me to rest, I think I will scream. Albeit that they’re usually right!

Take care, and Happy Easter.


Good luck for tomorrow AnnieMarie, I hope it goes well.
Sorry to hear you are both still on pain killers, I guess I must have been lucky & didn’t need them once I left hospital, but then everything was so numb (& partly still is) so that could explain it.
I won’t tell you to rest – just listen to your body & do what it says!
Take care xx