mirena coil / ct scan side effects?

i have to say i’m finding navigating this site very confusing at the moment but i am new. i didnt relly know where to put this question so if its in the wrong place, soz.
im 48, diagnised with breast cancer, something else with the lymph nodes and had the stunned first two weeks of not knowing what to do or say. i have just had a ct scan and i am supposed to get a date for an operation in two weeks or so, but i doubt that as well. i live very rural in the far north of scotland so i have to travel a long way to inverness for treatment (110 miles away) so i gather that they are going to investigate everything and then do all the necessary pre ops etc all in one day. i had the scan at a local hospital here and they will forward to inverness.
im not very medical, i dont really want to be, but i have 2 questions that i hope someone mite reply to
first, i have a mirena coil that causes me some problems, bleeding for 2 weeks at a time, strange discharges, just uncomfortable types of problems but it is irritating, will it affect me during cancer treatment because it is dosing me with progesterone ?
second, i had my ct scan, drank the drink for an hour before as you do, had the dye during the scan and then today, 24 hours later had a terrible bout of diarrohea which is very unusual for me.
i would ring the nurse but to be honest its an answerphone and they tend not to ring back so i wondered if anyone else had had similar experiences.
sorry to be sounding so wimpy, any help would be welcome
thanks, angiepops x

Hi Angiepops. I can only report on the mirena coil thing from my perspective. I had mine taken out as soon as the report from my core biopsy came back which showed it was Oestrogen +ve 80% and Progesterone +ve 40% so both my HRT patches and the Mirena coil were helping ‘feed’ it, I guess. Things ‘down there’ have returned to pre-coil status in terms of some flooding etc but i’m hoping it will all settle down eventually. If not then i’ll take advice as to what to do. I just made an appt with the surgery to have the coil out - self referral if you like.
I’m not sure about the drink/diarrheoa but it would seem logical that it gets eliminated as soon as poss so probably some gets in your system to hurry the gut along to help expel it.
Hope you can get all your things done in as few appt as possible, living so far from your centre. We should all be grateful if we have to travel any less mileage.

thanks for that, no one said anything when i got my results, in fact they never even asked me anything. i’m going to make an appointment to get it out, its never settled in properly anyway and i guess the more problems you can get rid of the better at times like this.
many thanks xx


I had mine removed too , so would advise to get it out

angiepops your consultant should guide you on whether to get it removed or not… some cancers are fed by hormones and some are not… if yours is hormone pos then its possible they will advise you to have it removed as some research has shown a slight increase in the risk of recurrence if you had a mirena inserted prior to diagnosis. having a mirena inserted after diagnosis has been found not to make any difference to the risk of recurrence… but all that said you have to weigh up the quality of life issues you might have after getting the coil removed… i have a friend who couldnt face getting her mirena coil removed when she was diagnosed 5 years ago and has been fine.

some surgeons and onc have very strong views on the use of hormones so i would suggest you be guided by them… having it emoved is usually a straight forward affair and your GP or practice nurse should be able to remove it if this is whats recommended.

as for contacting your BCNs do give them a call and find out what days/hours they work… some are part time and this could be why they havent returned your calls… its very rare for them to be able to answer the phone as they are normally in clinics and seeing patients but if you leave your name and number they should call you back… if not keep pestering them! you can also call the BCC helpline who have nurse advisers on hand to help answer your queries… this is the number… 0808 800 6000

hope the diarrhoea settles and the CT results are good news.

best wishes

thanks bmw and lulu
i have made an appointment for it to come out a week on friday and when i got home from work today i had my pre op appointment in the post for tuesday, so fortunately i will be able to ask what they think at the hospital instead of waiting for calls, and still keep my removal appointment if i need to.
it is a little worrying though, will they ask questions about medical history at the pre op, because so far no one has.
thanks again x