Mirena coil

Hello, I had to see my gynaecologist because I’ve been having extremely heavy periods (flooding) and he has said the best thing for me is to be fitted with the mirena coil to control the bleeding.  Has anyone else had this after having breast cancer?  I was told I wouldn’t be able to use HRT when I reach the menopause so wonder how safe the coil is.  I was on tamoxifen for 5 years.


On Monday I’m going to ring my breast care team to find out what they think, but in the meantime would like to hear other women’s experience,  By the way the gynacologist knows I’ve had breast cancer.   To be honest the col was the last thing I expected him to suggest.


Hope to hear some views. Thanks.

I had the copper coil fitted after completing treatment. The mirena coil releases oestrogen so not recommended whilst on tamoxifen.

No, I would say don’t have the coil. I had my mirena coil taken out once I was diagnosed with BC. I’m now going to see a gynaecologist about ovary removal due to heavy periods.

Interesting discussion. People seem to have different experiences and different advice but then I guess bc is not one disease with the same histology for all of us. I had a Mirena coil before dx, it is low dose of progesterone not oestrogen, or at least mine is. As my mother had bc I had been told not to take the pill so had limited choice. I found the coil fine, no problems, but I still wonder if it contributed to my bc as I am highly e+ p+ 8/8. Suffice it to say, my BS told me to get it removed as soon as I was able. It was replaced by an ordinary coil, which does not involve any hormones. 

But then I have heard a number of other people being told that Mirena Coil is fine. Maybe hormone receptor status is the decider? I am also on tamoxifen, I was grade 1, stage 1, so I don’t have any other explanation, unless opinion is just divided. 

I had mirena coil pre breast cancer it was great for problem bleeding but like others as soon as I was diagnosed I was told to have it removed as it could contribute to recurrance and affect some treatments. I am convinced (perhaps wrongly) that having the coil contributed to my bc as I am also convinced that at 58 I am in the group that first used the contraceptive pill when it was still a high dose of hormone and that is why so many people in my age group are being diagnosed with bc. I wonder what others think.

So sorry to hear about the reoccurance…3.5 years is much longer than the 2 years they sometimes say for those who are struggling with tamo side affects or wanting to try for pregnancy. Hope the reoccurance was spotted early and can be treated without too much intrusion.
Sea breeze x