Missing oestrogen?

Missing oestrogen?

Missing oestrogen? Inadvertently posted my query on the wrong ‘page’ so sharing it again.
I had long term treatment for Lymphoma in 1999/2000 resulting in an early menopause and an unrelated BC in May 2005, followed by lumpectomy and RT. Turned down hormone treatment as lower risk of BC recurrence and because I had heard so many horror stories.
Am finding, having been very well for 18 months , that I am suddenly noticing very dry lined skin ( do not go in the sun v much) running to loo, sleeping badly etc-all the signs of post menopausal ageing.
I was taking soya and lots of phyto-o’s to help balance things, but as the jury is now out on whether they are safe for us or not have stopped. Now I suddenly feel 107 instead of the fit ‘healthy’ 47 I had recovered to become- and am beginning to look it too. Has anybody else experienced this? Are there any safe ways to make up for the necessary and drastic reduction of oestrogen? I want to live life to the full as the mid 40’s energetic maniac I was-not at half pace. It’s making me feel very low as I feel I’ve missed so much of the last few years due to the two cancers anyway. Am keen to ‘go for it’ while I can!
Any ideas?

Hello wendb

It sounds like a lack of oestrogen -and how I identify with it!! The arimidex exacerbates it even more and I do feel like a geriatric crock (no offence intended to the elderly) particularly in the mornings when i shuffle about before the joints grind into action. Regretfully I have not found any soloutions except , I know if i do gentle excercise I’m more comfortable -and on the occassions where I have been in a warm country I am better too! (must be a message there) -I 'm sure others will have more helpful suggestions!

Linseed Oil Capsules Hi I heard a radio programme the other day about natural oestrogen replacement for menop women - linseed oil was highly recommended. You would have to check with your oncologist to see if it is safe for you. I intend to try it as I have felt really tired and old since having to stop HRT in June when BC was diagnosed. I tried Tamoxofen for 3.5 months but in the end found the flushes and night sweats too much to bear on top of othr complications. My oncologist suggested that the benefits for me of taking Tamoxofen were only marginal because my tumour although hormone sensitve was so small. I still get horrendous night sweats and flushes and find it very difficult to sleep at night so will give the Linseed Caps a go.
Hope you find some helpful answers and wish you all the best. Linda

Thankyou! Thankyou! I will certainly look out the Linseed Oil capsules-was having linseed on top of my seed rich Muesli before the phyto scare, so I can see sense in that. Somebody else recommended Co Enzyme Q10 for energy and antioxidants too-you might like to try that?
I have just asked my husband across the table ‘I look 70 don’t I?’ and he said, tactfully, ‘Well, you don’t look well.’ Bless.
I’m very grateful for your help.Lots of love.

Really interested in this question too… I am 42 and had treatment for primary breast cancer in 2002 - 3. I have just had to have my ovaries removed as part of treatment for endometrial cancer, quite probably caused by having been on Tamoxifen for three and a half years (but please note that this is a very rare side effect). Having not had any menopausal symptoms to speak of while on Tamoxifen I’m now dreading their arrival, and am keen to help my body get into as balanced a state as possible, but at the same time am quite worried about causing a recurrence of either of my 2 cancers, as both were oestrogen sensitive. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice around re phytoestrogens - I have already been told two completely different things by different members of staff during my 3 days in hospital last week! At the moment I feel that upping my consumption of phytoestrogens to feel better might be a risk I’m prepared to take but I hate being in this position and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any clear advice to follow! So I’m very interested in hearing what other people have been told/found out/found useful.

Best wishes