Mixing private reconstructive surgery with NHS treatment?

I wondered if anyone had some reconstructive procedures done privately and others on the NHS.  Is it allowed or does it just create problems with who is responsible for what?


I am currently being treated on the NHS and had a MX with expandable tissue expander in March 2013.  I had radiotherapy in summer 2013.  My reconstruction is very firm and looks strange as it has deep creases, and I would like something softer in a more natural shape (without strange creases).  After a consultation with the plastic surgeons last August, I am considering DIEP reconstruction and reduction on the other side, and I am due to see the surgeons again this month to discuss going on the NHS waiting list for this operation.


I have some private health insurance and am considering having the diep and reduction done privately in order to have it done quicker.  My insurer said they do cover reconstruction but said I need to get the surgeons to produce a report explaining exactly what operations need to be done and then the insurers will say what they will cover.  I got the impression from the insurers that they might only cover some operations once.  


I don’t want any more surgery than necessary, but I don’t want to be left high and dry if there were problems and more surgery was needed to get a good result.


If I stay with NHS it looks like I can get the treatment I need to get a good result.  If I mix and match (have some operations done privately) can I still get the nhs to do more treatment if it is needed or do I lose this option if I have some reconstruction done privately?


Hi. I started my treatment on the NHS but due to me wanting a Diep reconstruction which they did not have the expertise for at my local hospital, I was referred. The surgeon worked both NHS and private but due to timings and an administration error between the two hospitals, I had my cancer removed and my Diep done privately. I was then referred back to the NHS by my GP for my results and for follow up treatment (expectec RT which I then didn’t need and tamoxifen). I am due to have further reconstruction work which I am having done privately, again due to work and also timings due to my mum just being diagnosed with BC (I need to know I will be available to support her and I can more easily plan my surgery privately) but my future mammograms and yearly checks are through the NHS. I spoke to my NHS BC nurse and she was clear of the split that my “cosmetic” needs were done privately but my cancer care was and would continue to be through the NHS. I hope this helps.