modelling Hi,
I wondered if anyone would know where I can go to be a model for mastectomy products.

I have tried registering with model agencies within the UK , but as soon as I say that I have had double mastectomy and wear self adhesive prosthesis, they just dont want to know.

I have also tried to contact mastectomy product companies - amoena, nicola jayne etc, and they not interested on taking on ‘real models’, as it is really frustrating that mastectomy lingerie and swimwear companies use women that have not had breast surgery, and their cleavages are over the top of the garments…

Amoena do some articles using real models, but they dont do my size of bra, so they are not interested on me being one of their ‘real women articles’‘’

I have professional photographs taken in the hope that this might help, but again, as soon as they ask about glamour modelling, and I say well no, as I dont have ‘real breasts’, and cannot do topless, unless it is for a breast awareness or care magazine etc, then I will do topless, but when they say no, they want someone that can do topless etc, I fel let down that I cannot be the lingerie model for bras or swimwear, just like the other women are, except that I will be doing post surgery wear…and can look just as great as them, but with the reality of how it will sit whilst wearing prosthesis etc.

I am so fed up with todays society where they cannot take women wearing prosthesis more seriously,., and help us get our confidence back up and make us feel like a million dollars too. Instead of they typical stereo type women that they seem to always want…

If anyone knows of any companies that will be interested or want to help me campaign for this, then let me know…

Carol xxx

Totally agree with you. Strange is n’t it, that we live in a society where having fake boobs that are inside your skin and, in most cases are so big and fake they look like air bags, well, that’s something to aspire to. But if you have fake boobs that go in your bra (and look much more realistic and “normal”), the feelings of most people seem to be a combination of pity and revulsion. Unfortunately it’s all part of a society that seems to be impressed with the Jordans and Victoria Beckhams of this world. So the more heavily botoxed, silicone enhanced, and “You’ve been Tango’ed” spray tanned you are, the more people are impressed and think you’re gorgeous!!! And it bugs the hell out of me that most of the models in the mastectomy catalogues… have n’t had a mastectomy!!! What’s that all about???


Hi Carol

That really stinks but I wouldn’t take it personally - it will just be the result of market forces.

Most companies want models who can be flexible and therefore will employ ‘normal’ women who can pretend to have had a mastectomy, pretend to be bald and pretend to be pregnant (yes models of maternity wear are non-pregnant women with prosthetic bumps!)

It’s sad but I guess that’s the beauty industry for you. Shallow. Hopefully with time things will improve. Afterall it is only in recent years that plus size modelling has become common.

Lola x

In praise of the prosthesis I think Carol and Gerladine have raised really important issues.

Yes of course mastectomy bras and swimwear should be advertised by women who have had mastectomies…they should also be modelled more often by larger women and more black women…and older women (I mean older than good looking 40s/50s), but then the modelling industry doesn’t work like that for any kind of modelling.

I think the prosthesis gets a terrible press both from people who haven’t had breast cancer and some who have. I get really irritated when I read and hear disparaging remarks and jokes about prostheses and ‘softies’…if the same remarks were made about reconstructions there would be an uproar… Until my chest wall got its recent regional recurrence I rather liked my interesting one breasted shape and my light weight prosthesis matched to the size of my remaining breast (they used to be different sizes) it looks I think pretty good and real in clothes…I used to get friends to guess which was the prosthesis and even to give both sides a squeeze…and some couldn’t tell…but even when they could it didn’t matter.

Go for it Carol and see if you can get to model some bras weraing a wonderful prosthesis.


I agree Dear Carol.

I do sympathise. For 15 yrs before breast cancer I wore 34B and I carried on wearing this with one prothesis after I had breast cancer and a right mastectomy. However I had great difficulty finding a bra to fit my prothesis. Then I had a fitting at Rigby and Peller in London and the fitter said immediately that I was 32 D! I think she was right and the few mastectomy bras with pockets I have found in 32 D have fitted much better.

I have been able to get 2 pocketed bras from Anita (oopes and downes) but I have the same problem as you in that I cannot get most of the styles from Amoena or Anita in 32D. Ooopes and Downes say Anita do not do this size for most of their bras and Amoena are similiarly unhelpful.

I do find it frustrating as any ‘normal’ woman can get whatever size they want even if they have to shop around but I have tried everywhere for mastectomy bras and there is only a very limited selection in white/black/skin, with no pretty colours, in 32 D.

I would just ike to say I have found the first and second lot of M&S mastectomy bras completely hopeless in every way - which is very disappointing as they are priced the same as bras for ‘normal’ women and easily available. I would love to have a one to one talk/demo with anyone influential in M&S. I have written to management and got nowhere and also had no joy with individual sales assistants. I think you might have done some work with M&S so maybe you could pass on my comments please.

I’m sorry to be negative but my own experience with companies such as M&S and also ‘specialist’ organisations such as Amoena is that they have no interest in changing what they are doing. I have fed back to them that I would lke 32 D in more styles but they all say they have no plans to change.

Re the original point of your posting I wholeheartedly support your aim to model with bilateral protheses. There is no point seeing a glamour model with breasts - I want to see how a bra looks with a prothesis. If I wanted a ‘normal’ bra I would just go to M&S or Debenhams and not spend time and money on specialist mastecomy mail order. I hope your time will come…

Best wishes,


ditto Hi Rowena
many thanks for your response, I have been working with M&S, but seems to be falling on deaf ears, although I have had several long discssions with them in regards to the styles and colours.
I have however been advised that there is to be more great styles in their winter range, more sparkle too. Hopefully this will be what we need.

However I have expressed my views that we need bras now and not wait till xmas… we dont only wear bras in winter we do in the summer, although some bra companies I have spoken with seem to think that you dont need a bra in the summer as the tops are strappy ones etc. But when you wear prosthesis, you need a bra…!

I have written again to loads of companies that all said they were not interested in changing their ranges when I spoke to them last year, and I am not giving up on trying to get them to listen to us so I will be constantly contacting them every few months so that they get fed up of me and might do something about it…

It is alright if I were a 34-38 A-D, because that seems to be the sizes that are readily available in a wide range of colours and styles, perhaps I should put on weight and ask for a smaller prosthesis so that I can get a bra, to which I say WHY SHOULD I CHANGE FOR THEM IF THEY WONT CHANGE FOR ME…

Sorry for shouting but it makes my blood boil that we are so sheltered from the world, when we should be out there screaming I am me and I love it…

The saga and my campaign continues…
Never giving up…xxx

I agree Hi Carol

I totally agree with you! It’s also the same with wigs, on any site there are beautiful young faces with eyebrows and eyelashes!!

At the moment in the press there seems to be a high awareness of breast cancer and issues surrounding it! Have you tried contacting newspapers and magazines to stress this issue? I think that it is important that it is addressed!

Wishing you lots of luck!
Nicky x

calender why dont we get together and do a special calender with women who have had mastectomies( all proceeds to go to cancer charities) id gladly be mrs september!! what do you think? lynn x

Yes definately Hi Lynn,

I would be more than happy to do a calendar to show the world that we can look better than Kate Moss or Jordan except not so tacky as them!!

I would like to be miss December, since it is my birthday, but since all I need to wear is a santa hat !!

I would also be happy to do any month really, this would be fun, and will show the companies that we are just a glamorous as their ‘non mastectomy’ models and that we can model the lingerie and swimwear and look 100 times more fantastic.

How do we go about this though??? I know a very good award winning photographer who did some fantastic shots of me. I live in Wales but can travel.

Is there a protocol that you follow or does anyone know someone who has done it before so that we can follow their one…? I know there was a calendar out last year but not sure if it was for here or breakthrough??

Anyway I have my thinking cap on and I am up for it…if you are?


you bet!! yes im up for it!!! i live in weston super mare dont know how you would go about it though do you know anyone who does? prehaps theres someone on here who can help. let me know ok . love lynn x

I’d be up for that!! I got a really good pocketed bikini so I’d be happy to do any summer month- although considering what it’s been like lately, I think I need wellies.


me too! well l have both off to and fancy being the MAY girl-as long my belly and cellulite can be airbrushed out!!!

Hi All,

Sounds fantastic idea. I had recon (although not finished yet), because of the heartache of trying to get a bra that fitted or could get prothesis in. Also when I went to M & S the woman said “oh another one for you”!!!

Good luck
Treakle XXXX

Ok, lets find out Ok
I am up for it, I will be looking for details on how we go about getting this done.

I am more than happy to do any month, so how many have we got so far???

I live in South Wales but will travel,

Does anyone else know how we go about this too?

thanks for all the support and hopefully we can get somewhere soon.

Look out Page 3, we are coming to get you with much more WOW factors…!!

carol xx

im in im still up for it! can travel ,nearest town to me is bristol. let me know. love lynn x

Count me in! I’d love a go too! I’m in Hastings, but I can travel…

Getting info Hi,

I am speaking to BCC community manager who knows where to get the details for doing a calendar. I will gather this information and pass it on. They are going to speak to someone that knows about doing calendars too. This is great.

I think we need to get a list of things we need to do together, perhaps we could contact on e-mail via BCC or I can give you my e-mail address to contact me so that we can get this progressed.

It is exciting. I too would have to have airbrushing on my thighs etc, we just need to know what we will be wearing… It will be so much fun.

Let me know how you want to create this, and we will get it started.

carol xxx

hi carol it should be along the lines of the wi calender that was done to raise money a while ago .what does everyone think? you can get my e mail address from the other site im under the name of aroma. its www.breakthrough speak soon lynn xxps my daughter had a photo shoot this weekend in bristol maybe i could ask the photographer what he could do for us?

I’m in Co. Durham but don’t mind travelling. Up for it with everyone else