moisturising scars

Hi all
This is just a question about scars in general. I have just had a proximal femur replacement. It was only 3 weeks ago, but the scar is looking very purple and vivid and it is very long and deep. The skin around it is very dry and flaky. I remember rubbing something onto my WLE and lymph node removal scars, which obviously did the trick, as now 4 years later they are hardly noticeable, but I can’t remember what it was.

Has anybody been given a recommendations, or has used any products successfully?

Thanks Nicola xx

Nicola, my plastic surgeon recommended kelo-cote…
I used it on my breasts and a subsequent throat surgery, worked really well.
Its expensive, about £40 for a tiny tube, but lasts for ages - I am still using the same tube.

I use Bio-oil. It’s not cheap, but a little goes a lomg way and it is easily absorbed. It will soon get rid of the flaky skin. It’s supposed to be good for scars. It says that you need to use it daily for at least 3 months.

I have been using bio oil on my scar as well for over 6 months now, it is healing really well. Cheapest place I’ve got it is amazon.

How soon after op should you use bio oil ?
Karen xx

My physio recommended silicone gel, SilGel was the brand name she suggested, but Kelo-cote is basically the same stuff. It’s working beautifully! It keeps the scars supple and moist and reduces the purple colour really well. My scars are now much paler and softer. The physio said that most GPs won’t give an NHS prescription for it because of the cost, but my GP did give me an NHS prescription, so because of the free prescriptions as a cancer patient, it didn’t cost me a penny!
If you have to pay for it, it’s about £24 for a small tube, you can get it from Tesco or Amazon, the price doesn’t seem to vary much.
Sarah x
P.S. answer to sunnysmile - physio said you can start using it as soon as the wounds have healed over. And that’s the time to start massaging scars as well, to stop them stiffening up.

Thanks Sarah xx
Regards Karen xxx

Hi all, I’m using Bio oil which is lovely. I was told I could use it as soon as the scabs were gone. xx

I,ve been told to use vitamin E capsules before after mx and before rads start to get my skin in tiptop condition and then to use something like E 45.

Maria x

I’m using Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil. Any good health shop should have it . About £10 I think. My brother has a health shop and he sent mine to me. Lucky me. It’s working well and the purple has gone already after 6 weeks.

I can recommend Aloe Vera Gel (99%). Much better than E45 which makes me itch and is greasy.

Thanks hipchick

I’ll be finding my way to the nearest health store this week. Get stocked up in advance. I don’t really like the smell of E45 anyway.

Maria x

I’ve used Rosa Fina face & décolletage oil, from Barefoot essentials, once the scabs had dried up. I also used this on my hysterectomy scar too and it’s no longer visible.

It’s quite pricey but you only need a few drops!

Good Luck - the earlier you start the better!

X Helen x