Mom desparate for advice!!!

Hi all,

A huge thank you to the ladies who replied to my question about facial hair mom was over the moon to know she wasn’t alone with this, she has asked me to put a post on to ask another question - mom met with her consultant last tues (the meeting after all treatment has ended) he has said he feels the hair is because she Came off HRT (9 months ago) is this the case with other ladies? she is 63 had mastectomy lymph node clearance chemo and finished rads 4 weeks ago facial hair started growing about 2 weeks ago it is very fine but is really getting her down she wanted to know if any other ladies have had this after treatment finished or coming off HRT, if they waxed their face or if it disappeared on it’s on also if anyone did wax what did you used and did it grow back,

Thank you so much in advance mom really appriciates your advice xxxx Lisa xxxx

bumping up for anyone who can advise please


Hi, I had like a furry down on my face,which I think is quiet common.I used a facial hair removing cream but wished I had’nt as it has grown back much thicker and now I have to do it every few days.I have heard that sometimes it goes on its own,wish I had waited.Its strange I have facial hair but no eyebrows lol.

Mine is mainly on my neck and my hair is dark, so I have to bleach it fairly regularly. I am thinking of buying a laser machine, but it’s going to have to wait until after Christmas now.

Mine has definitely been worse since starting Tamoxifen a year and a half ago.


Mine didn’t last long and must have just disappeared without me really noticing. But I am very fair so it wasn’t really noticeable anyway. I wasn’t on HRT, I am sure it was just connected to the regrowth of hair after chemo.


Hi Lisa and Mum,
I had chemo then lumpectomy and then rads, I got alot of fine downy hair on my face and neck after treatment, but it all went by itself, a friend of mine used a cream remover on hers as hairs were quite dark, like Melly it got thicker and hers seem to take longer to go .
I am on tamoxifen and it does not seem to have made mine grow again or get worse… Hopefully it wont!!!
Take care to all
Dawn X

Thanks so much for your responses I showed mom your replies and she is going to wait a few weeks to see if it will settle down she is just so paranoid about it and it’s really getting her down fingers crossed it will fade on it’s own accord,

Thanks again for you replies it means a lot xx