Mondors disease ????

Hi , I’m 14 weeks post surgery and 2 weeks post radiotherapy still quite sore and uncomfortable , I’m not sure if I have developed Mondors disease , I have a long cord like line running from under my breast down to my waist it’s very tender under my breast near my ribs and pulls when I raise my arm , any thoughts anyone ???

Hi Helen,sorry can’t advise on this myself but it may be worth posting this in the Ask the nurses section see if they can shed any light on it .Jill.

Hi Helen, Not sure if this will help but thought I would share with you. I had a symmetry operation in Feb and five weeks later I had my ovaries/tubes removed. The night before I was getting changed and noticed a long cord looking thing from just under my op breast down to my waist. My first thought was oh my God what’s that now!! I looked up cording but didn’t really match what they said. When I got to hospital the next day I mentioned it to my surgeon and he said he hadn’t seen anything like that before. While he operated he had a look around that area and couldn’t see anything wrong. That was in March and it just disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Very odd! It’s always worth getting it checked out. I put mine down to the surgery I had in Feb and the trauma your body goes through. Hope this helps, let me know how you are doing…xx

Helen I can’t see a cording there but have the same sensation as you.It also spreads around to the fleshy part under my shoulder blades…very painful and tender.I have a cord still running from armpit down arm but can’t see one downwards but it hurts on raising my arm under the breast

Thank you for replying ladies , I have a follow up appointment at the hospital on Thursday so I will mention it then and let you know how I get on . I’m just concerned as the pain and discomfort  doesn’t seem to be easing , making me think about all sorts of things I probably shouldn’t be thinking about ! . Feels like I’m stuck in a mine field :-/ xxx

Hi! I have the same thing. I got one two weeks  after my lymph node biopsy, it was there until my lumpectomy,  and then it went (I assume because they gave me a blood thining jab.  I had a ‘tidy up’ op 4 weeks ago,  about two weeks later I got a tender bit under my boob and the next day another cord appeared. I mentioned it to my nurse when I went to see her about some stitches that were poking out. She said it would just go away and make sure I do the exercises 3 times a day as exercise helps. Mine is almost down to the bottom of my ribs and my boob feels almost tight. This one is more towards the centre and so is less sore than the last one. I would definitely mention it, I went to a physiotherapy group session and I think they give physio rohnd here if you have cording in the arm.


Good luck and I hope it eases soon!

Hi ladies , well I saw the consultant this morning and he said it was just a calcified vein so nothing to worry about there . I have been referred for an ultrasound scan as I have a large dimpled indentation and swelling near the tumour site , which started about 2 weeks after surgery , so to say I am again beside myself with fear again would be an understatement ?Xx