monitoring/checks for sis

ladies, I was diagnosed 3 1/2 yrs ago and all is well at mo. I have a younger sister who is 37yrs this year. When can she be seen through the Family History Clinic ? I was diagnosed at 36yrs but no history of the disease in family as far as we know. Is she able to be checked as she reaches 40 as I had it so young ? Vez


I was dx 2 years ago age 34 with no family history. My sister who is 5 years younger has been told that she will be seen from age 35.

hi vezza,
i was diagnosed age 35 with no other family history. My sis is 38 and went to her gp soon after who referred her to family history clinic. They have said she can have mammograms from 40. She has been assessed as medium risk due to my age at dx and the fact that she went through the menopause age 21 so is on HRT and also has none of the protective factors from breastfeeding, childbirth etc. If your sis asks to be referred by gp she may have to wait a couple of months but then they will be able to assess her risk.
good luck.