monitoring for recurrence

Just wondering if any of you with more experience can shed any light on what monitoring is in place for checking for recurrence. I know about the yearly mammograms but is there anything for other parts of the body?
I’m currently post WE SNB TN grade 3 IDBC. Debating chemo and researching recurrence. X Thanks in advance xx

hi Bells,
I didn’t have a TN diagnosis, but have just had my yearly review with the surgeon. As well as the mammo, a breast examination was done & the nodes checked manually as part of this.
My understanding is, if there is no evidence of ‘metastatic disease’ then other scans are not routinely offered at the yearly review, but obviously your team will advise.
ann x

Thanks for the reply Ann.
I’m a bit concerned about these distant recurrences . It seems from research that with TN it’s more likely that it will pop up somewhere else. It seems odd to wait until there are symptoms before doing anything.

Hi Bells,
I was diagnosed in 2013 with tn, had mx & 6 rounds fec-t chemo.
I have annual Mammo of remaining boob and an annual checkup with consultant and oncologist which are staggered 6 months apart.

I asked my consultant how do they check for recurrence, he said that’s what he’s doing when he manually checks me.

As Ann says they only offer scans if there are concerns.

Sadly there’s not anything else they can offer us TN girls other than surgery, chemo & rads. We can’t take tablets for 10 years to protect us…

I was told I needed chemo & did as I was told, I didn’t think to question it.

I just wanted to throw everything in the doctors bag at it, I’m comfortable now knowing I’ve done everything possible to protect myself from recurrence.

If I knew then what I know now, would I go through chemo?
Hell yes

I just didn’t want to ever have to look back one day & think, if only…

It’s your decision of course but make sure it’s a decision that you’ll always be happy about whatever the outcome.

Best of luck

Thanks for responding Nikky
I’m just debating it as it only seems to improve prognosis by 3% .
Think I will probably have it . Found some interesting medical papers today that have begun to away my decision. I think I was hoping to find something specific re which types of recurrence the chemo might help with more but there is limited info out there. Will speak to my onc next week.

Definitely a good plan to speak to your oncologist.

There are lots of different types of chemo, a few of the girls in my group really struggled on certain regimes some had the strength reduced, others were switched to ‘kinder’ regimes and others stopped after 4 cycles.

I struggled on the T (docetaxol) after the 1st dose, I thought I’m never going to be able to do another 2 rounds but the onc just changed my ‘after’ medication to make the side effects less severe.

Hi I am triple neg stage 1 grade 3 invasive ductal. Had mx 3 weeks ago. Next step is chemo. I was told that it will kill any rogue cells which may have escaped. My sentinel node biopsey was clear so it hasn’t spread. I will throw everything at it to ensure that I have done my best. I don’t want to look back and say I wish.


Everyone has their own ideas of what to do, I have been guided by specialist. 


Best wishes 


hi I mastectomy then chemo had two tn tumours  then chemo . Now have yearly mammogram and see onc and surgeon 6monthly . In my area no other investigations unless any worries .

Thanks for the thinking that it’s surprising that they don’t monitor other than breasts considering many recurrences aren’t there. Will speak to oncologist about stats. Good to hear you’re doing well x