Moonwalkers Unite!

What have I done … ?

I’ve just signed up to do the half moon walk, in London next year.

A couple of years ago, before children & BC it would have been no problem, but I forsee some serious training on the hoizon.

Anyone else as crazy as me?

Hi Mum2Two,

Yes I’m even crazier, I want to do the full walk next year!! At the moment registration isn’t open as far as I can see, have I got it wrong?

Claire x

I checked the site and it said we can’t register online until 22 October. I’m really up for this - anyone think it’d be a good idea to walk as a group? We get to know each other online but rarely get the chance to meet.

On line registration was today, but I think is now full.

Written application starts on 22nd I think.

Cat … your mastectomy shot is gonna be front page! I sent you flickrmail explaining!

Go girl!

Dunno about that, Rebecca, it’s an ugly bugger…

when my sister got bc, i signed up for the full moonwalk, and i never even walked to the local shops, it was FANTASTIC and i did it again 2006, the training plan they have on the moonwalk site is really good, and i would suggest walking with others that walk at your pace, trying to go to fast will burn you out, YOU can do it you have all the motivation you need, I was hoping to do it again in 2009 with my neice but i never dreamt that i would be dx with bc but had mx in Aug and i start my chemo tomorrow, so i dont think i will get the training in, shame because i lost 3 stone last time over 6 month training.
Go for it, it’s a fantastic experience,

Hi Guys
I’m signed up for the full moon!. Somehow I managed to recruit a team of 21 school mums to join me! - trying to get us all registered was a chaotic half hour of phonecalls and e-mails between us all but somehow all but 2 managed to get in.
Next year I’m planning on running the London Marathon but I think they’re all relieved I’m not planning on doing it as a team!
Good luck everyone, the atmosphere is suppposed to be fanatastic.
and now the training starts…

im jealous sat on my computer trying to log in for an hour only to be told places are allocated!!!

There will stilll be postal places allocated Annamarie … so all isn’t lost

eal69eal, well done! that’s a fab achievement, one I wasn’t organised enough to do, but maybe next year.

Trojan, sorry about your diagnosis, I’ll be 14 months by May, so sould be OK, but I know I couldn’t have done it during chemo.

Hi there.
I’m interested in doing the moonwalk, but does anyone live in the midlands who has signed up? Am just worried about transport issues and training? I’m 26 and have recovered from breast cancer this year so want to give back to such a good cause!!!

Kate x

Hey, I’ve just found this discussion. I’ve managed to register with my daughter for the half marathon. Can we arrange a signal so we’ll recognise each other? Maybe a pink rose button hole?! It would be great to exchange training tips/encourage each other. Feeling a bit like “what have I done” as I’ve got a very sore foot and can’t weight bear on it at the mo. New puppy will help with motivation to get out and walk, I hope. 3 stone lost Trojan, I might be able to squeeze into my work clothes. I’m at the stage of convalescing from treatment so am slowly building up exercise. I thought this would be a good motivation, a great charitable cause and also a psychological investment in myself and my future. This is my 50th year so I’m going to get 50 people to sponsor me for £2 each. That way I won’t feel embarrassed to ask them. Maybe I should get a money box for the cost of those cholcolate bars i’m going to stop buying. That would make a sizeable donation.

Hi folks i did the half moomwalk in Edinburgh last year then the Full marathon in London this year and i absolultely loved it i did them both myself tho i met people on both nights the lady i met in London we still text. Just watch that you do not over train i am still suffering from a bad hamstring injury from this year. I was on a high for the days after and although being up all night could hardly sleep when i went back to my hotel, my mam was with me for support tho stayed back at the hotel and phoned me through out the night to see how i was getting on. I have signed up for the Inca trail next June but am not sure if my hamstring will be better and have to wait til January to see if i can still go. If you follow the training schedule that you get sent in the Moonwalk pack you should be okay as they give you a training programme to follow for the half and full moon walks. Good luck to you all.X

My application for the Half Moon is in and the site says that there are still places - so I’m hassling various friends who’ve said they’ll walk with me to get their apps in. The online app is finished but you can pick up paper application forms (look on their website for locations to pick up from, often David Lloyd gyms) - some of friends are braver than me and are doing the 26 miles but the thought of 26 miles on letrazol’d joints put me off! I did it in 2003 (Half Moon, training through rads was tiring but the whole thing was such a boost!) and it was great fun and was very empowering. Also the training time is when all the wild flowers are coming out :-)))

Pink rose buttonhole (bra strap??!!) sounds a nice idea. I will need reminding near the walk as ontop of bad memory/menopause have chemo brain :slight_smile:

littlemrss I just had to LOL at idea that a new puppy would help you train!! He/she/it will help get you out … but possibly not very far, this year :slight_smile: Least not on pavements… I reckon my hound adds 5 mins on to any 20 min walk because he’s a badly trained mutt who thinks he needs to leave his calling card throughout the neighbourhood, but with the ‘gentle leader’ we manage a bit faster. I think your sponsorship idea is great. Hawkins Bazaar sells money boxes for beer, cigs and I think something else, quite possibly is chocolate savings!

The website will be opening a forum soon…

Good luck

I’ve heard that I have a place for the Half Moon, and two others of my team have heard they have places too. We’re waiting to hear for some more people. Just now fairly bogged down with end of term and Christmas stuff but am trying to walk around a bit more. Have to buy some new walking trainers!

Anybody else heard?