More Biopsies

Well went today for the results of the MRI and they have spotted another lump which they think is a fibroadenoma and not a nasty but they did six biopsies and another mammogram to make sure. Got to wait again now until the 20th for a date (HOPEFULLY) for surgery. Just want this all sorted now as finding the whole process draining both physically and mentally.


hey ho! It is certainly a journey!

Sorry to hear that Bellas Mum

its mind blowingly tiring without an extension to the waiting, but you’re getting checked out. It’s a lot to go through and take on board on top of everything else. 

Ive got MRI results Wednesday and I’m hoping there’s nothing different from the verbal feedback I got… + there’s the decision of the MDT !!!


sending positive vibes xhugx

Thanks Feenix. Good luck for Wednesday. Yes I cannot believe how exhausting this all is. X

It bloody pinched at times. I felt like a pin cushion then they do the mammogram straight after to add to the discomfort! Hanging by my fingertips!

Actually that made me chuckle ?

To answer the query after I had my biopsy ( 8 jabs) by the last 2 I was feeling queasy and the when they released me I said I felt woozy they quickly lay me down with legs raised as I was about to go ? At the time just a something biopsy how quickly things can change ?

Bellas mum since I was diagnosed by fine needle biopsy l hadn’t have so much pain. My mri was also showed near the tumor another area of concern but I was already scheduled for mastectomy so they didn’t do another biopsy- during the surgery they had a so called "quick biopsy " to get clear margins and they found that area was LCIS so the proceeded with the mastectomy. My tumor was also incasive lobular with a little ductal characters (mixed adenocarcinoma)
I hope you ll have good results