More breast pain!!

More breast pain!!

More breast pain!! Hi All
I had mastectomy on my left breast in january with recon.
Since the beginning of may I have had constant pain in my right breast, feeling heavy all the time.

I have had a good grope but haven’t felt anything un toward.

I was seen at hospital today and was told that he couldn’t feel any lumps but maybe a slight thickening and wants me to have an ultrasound on it mainly to put my mind at rest with all I have been through, as he wasn’t to concerned.
My left one was referred to as a "thickening " rather than a lump.

I have got to wait until the 11th of June for the scan, which I know it isn’t, but it feels ages away.

I was hopefully looking for reassurance but until I have the scan and hear the words “everything is ok” my mind is working overtime.

I genuinely feel I cannot go through much more as I still have two chemo’s to go through and because of blood clots on my lungs, I have been told I will not be able to have tamoxifen, and will have to consider other options i.e having ovaries removed, or injections for 5 years.

Sorry for the moaning but felt I needed to get it off my chest “ha ha”

Take care


Hi Angie

I think this is a common problem I have the same symptoms and cant wait to get this temp implant removed hopefully the replacement will be much lighter and pain free, I sometimes wonder why people have breast enlargements if its like this.

Hope this helps