more reconstructive surgery after 5 years

I had an LD flap recon 5 years ago now shrunk and am having an implant put in to make them match. I saw BS in August last year and he wanted to use fat injections I can’t have it done that way so had to find another surgeon should now get it done in August this year, by a PS, so I will have waited a year. Nobody seems to understand how waiting for this makes me feel all I want is too look normal again is that really too much to ask?

Hi Louise
I completely understand your frustrations. As you say, the waiting is soul destroying and the feeling of being unable to do anything about it adds to the frustation. Im awaiting my recon and its now over a year since I saw the surgeon and no date on the horizon.:frowning:
Its all I can think of right now and I feel its taking over my life waiting for the call/letter.
Can you write to the surgeon and express your feelings-it might not bring the op any closer, but you might feel better just ‘letting it out’
Hope you get the letter soon
Best wishes