More surgery for high grade DCIS

I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS in July and after several tests etc I had surgery on the 15/8/16 to remove 2 bits, I large and 1 smaller they gave me a 2mm margin around the larger one then I was told I needed more surgery to get a clearer margin of a further 10mm which I find a bit strange . I’m a lot more nervous about tomorrow’s op than before. I wondered if the recovery time and experience is better 2nd time round or have people found it harder? I’m also petrified of what they might find in the histology. I know a lot of us on here who have to have more surgery and then they find invasion. I’m trying to keep positive but my experience so far has not been great every appointment brings a new problem.

Hi Clairshortland,

I am really sorry to hear you are feeling anxious about your operation. 

Our users are very supportive and I am sure they will be along soon to offer their support. 

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I hope I can reassure a bit about tomorrow’s op. I had to go in for a second op to get a better margin. I was anxious beforehand, but it was so much quicker, lots less time under (so less anaesthetic) and, with no SNB, the pain afterwards was quite minimal. Unlike the first op I was in and done in a few hours, then home the same day. Be prepared again for post surgery blues to hit about day 3 though! lots of luck tomorrow xx

Hi janey2, thank you for replying ? I had the op Monday and sadly found it a lot harder to get over than the first, I’m very sensitive to anaesthetic and this one knocked me for 6 so I was in recovery for several hours but on the pain side that’s been a lot better than I thought. I’ve also been terribly emotional as well, I think the trouble is I kept strong for everyone else in the beginning and as it all happens so quickly you just don’t have time to think. I get my results next Wednesday and I’m really hoping this will be the last op ? X

I’m so sorry this one has knocked you for six too. It’s such an emotional time and it’s so hard trying to keep strong. I find if I bottle it up, a tsunami hits at home after a while, so trying to let go a bit more, but it isn’t easy! I’m glad the pain is less. My Oncotype results are due next Wednesday, so I hope we both have good days xxx