Hi Everyone,

I wrote on this category a few weeks ago under “a red mark has appeared under my scar”. Well after been given the all clear last Wednesday I got a call from my Surgeons Secretary to go and see him today.
He had another prod about and said that given my previous history he would like to take the lump out and check it out, under local anaesthetic on 18th Nov. He said that if any grade of cancer in lump then must have a Mx.
He also said that as I have a deep dint then he can talk to plastic surgeons about fixing it up for me. I said that not bothered about it as under my bra and never had a hankering to be a page three and just glad I,m alive.

But its just the waiting for results time that I hate again. I thought it was all over and done with. Sorry to go on about it but this disease it really p***ing me off at the moment.

Lots of love Andrea xx


hi andrea
hope everything is ok with your results will be thinking about you
take care
bid hugs

Hi Andrea

Just read this thread, and wondered how you got on?

I lost my reconstructed breast because of a recurrence in the skin… (One nodule was under the scar).

Just wanted to send my love and luck too…!


Arrr Thanks Nikki,

Had the lump taken out last week and get results this Friday. Scar has healed really well considering its the fifth op on the same site. Its strange as even though I have been here before it seems worse this time. I think that I am scared of getting chemo again. If its bad news would they give me a full course of Chemo again even though its less than a year since last had it? I think that my optimistic view of life has wained slightly over the last 18 months.

But trying hard to be positive anyway as may be nothing.
lots of love Andrea xx

Its a harmless lump caused by the Rads. Phew !!!. So happy. Now I can get on with sorting out Christmas.
lots of love Andrea xx

Oh Andrea, I’m so pleased for you! Happy Christmas!