Morning ladies…managed quite a good nites sleep after enjoying a relaxing nite with my big sis (who’s really skinny!!) woke up a bit panicky but the massive spider ? in the bath hasn’t helped!! Took 1 donperidone and managed to actually almost enjoy cup of coffee and biscuit feel a bit headachy but def each day is getting better! Hope u all managed an ok nite x hugs to you all xxx

Glad that you had good night Karana. Mine was ok too. I was worried after eating quite well yesterday that I would be plagued with heartburn and nausea so I slept propped up on my v pillow for most of the night. The anxiety monsters tried to upset me at first but I did eventually get to sleep. My neck is stiff this morning from the weird sleeping position but I’ll take that.
Feel a bit weak and feeble today but I did do a fair bit of walking yesterday so apart from a short stroll later I will have a quiet one today.
I have been looking into tasty healthy foods to boost me back up. Apparently cumin is great for your immune system and red blood cells, it is also anti microbial which is great because I love it.
Hope that you have a good day.