Morphine & Cancer

I don’t know if anyone else has seen or posted about this story but apologies if they have.

It’s of great concern to me as Vicky takes a 300mg dose of morphine sulphate at a time and also has 300microgram/hour fentanyl patches.

When she finished 6 cycles of EC chemotherapy last year it was only 4-6 weeks before the cancer had started to spread again. This year she has recently finished 6 cycles of taxotere and although we see her oncologist tomorrow I must say that I’m worried that the events of last year will repeat themselves :frowning:

Yes, bigfub, I saw that. It must be worrying. Maybe the oncologist will be able to help.

Ann x

Thanks Ann.

I’ve printed a copy for tomorrow and Vicky mentioned it to her palliative care doctor & macmillan nurse today, so I guess we’ll see what they say/decide.

Thanks for posting the link - I hadn’t seen this.

I was diagnosed in February and have to take codeine every day for headaches (not cancer related) and this is an opiate too. I’ve been taking this for months. The doctors have nothing to offer that works anywhere near as well as codeine - but now I’m worried.

the problem is alternatives and probably more so with palliative care. Morphine and other opiates are such effective painkillers and I would imagine that other alternatives mentioned such as local anaesthesia aren’t always an option. In terms of palliative care you would need to know that there is definitely a good and viable alternative. This can be the problem with research insofar as it tells us the problem but doesn’t necessarily offer a solution.

I’d be very grateful if you would let us know what the Palliative care doctor says about the research.

with best wishes
Elinda x

Hi Elinda,

Vicky’s palliative care doctor was sceptical about the piece but interested as well. She had heard of the drug in question but no more than that although she was going to look into it.

With regards to Vicky herself, the MRI the palliative care doctor ordered has show some spread into her neck despite only finishing chemo 4 weeks ago. We have an appointment with the oncologist this afternoon to get the ct & isitopic scan results and to talk about further treatment options.


Hi, I too read about the problem with Morphine. But to be honest the pain I was suffereing was so awful I was pleased to find something that could ease the pain of Bone Mets and so Morphine has helped me lead an almost normal life. I have been on morphine for 10 years now and there is not significant change on my bone scans as far as I know. I am going for a CT Scan next week so will ask when I see the Consultant Oncologist for my results. Will pass on any info if there is any yet. Love Val X

Thanks Val :slight_smile:

Vicky’s been on morphine for a good 6 years now (she was on it prior to diagnosis due to a serious back problem and an allergic reaction to Tramadol). Anyway, her oncologist ir arranging for a single burst of radiotherapy to the C7 vertebrae to help that and she is going back on zometa & tamoxifen too. He seems happy with the results from the taxotere so it looks like we can carry on planning beyond Christmas & the New Year now :slight_smile:

Best wishes to everyone,

Thanks for the information Stuart. Val I’m pleased to hear you’ve had no significant changes.

Stuart I wish Vicky well. I’m glad the Onc is pleased with Tax results - what a very worrying time this must have been for you both.

take care all
Elinda x