Mortgage and Life Insurance

Hi can anyone recommend any companies who will give life insurance after adiagnosis of BC
was diagnosed last year had apayout but we used this to clear debts and other things,instead of paying mortgage which in hindsight was silly we now want to move house and need to arrnge insuranve
any tips please

Hi Maggie

Not sure if it will help at all but Cancer research have a useful page on their website - the link is

Margaret x

Hi maggie

Cancer backup also have info

hope this helps


Interactive Services Manager

Hi Maggie,

It can be tough to find an affordable life insurance once you were diagnosed with cancer. My father had the same problem. Try to search for modified life insurance benefits. Some insurance companies offer these kind of policies withouth asking questions about your medical history. I am looking around for my father and came accross this one:
Check it out and good luck!